Plat 3/2 team looking for a few Alt replacements?

Would love for the members to be 100+ and be very active/active. Will definitely consider levels lower as long as 100% sure can complete ALL wars and participate in events. The level isn’t a huge requirement because we can help you grow!
The teams complete focus is overall team growth & continuing to move up in leagues. We want to be Plat 1 or into Sapphire ASAP to hopefully be granted Atlas access.
We have an amazing team with great people most who join never leave :+1:
If a team is disbanding and you want to do a small merge or bring some friends message me! I can possibly make some extra space depending on the players…
We are only interested in long term players if your going to join only to pop on to another team in a month just save everyone the time and don’t apply!
We want serious members who want to grow with the team!
Thanks! In game Message Twitchx

I think it would help if you provided the name of the team you want people to join so they can check it out

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I didn’t make the name :grin:

It really is an amazing team!

We have a strong loyal core! There’s no bickering and fighting here we all pretty much share the same goals with moving forward in the game!

All Different kinds of people here but we do ask you speak fluent English to cordinate wars!

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