Plat 3 Team looking for Strong Active Members we have ATLAS


Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Played time: Active or Very Active would be great
Age Range: Over 18
Elite Account?: not necessary to spend money but ok if you have it.
Lvl requested: 85 and above

Groups: If there is a group of active players needing a home we got room for you.

BigBlackDragon is a friendly team that enjoys helping people with events, quests, WARS and ATLAS and if you have questions just ask. We enjoy talking in both in chat through the game and in LINE as we can discuss so much and share info and pictures of coming events. We are looking for some Active Players to join us before this next event to relieve a few players.

BigBlackDragon is really BIG on WARS and everyone fly’s with a backup to get 5 FLAMES is Mandatory no exception (We never Fly Alone). When it comes to Events we ask everyone to participate and do the quests to earn the team the highest chest lvl possible. If you don’t know or understand Atlas we can help you learn Atlas. We together to be stronger as we all have made mistakes and learned from it. So come and fly with us as we enjoy the game together in a friendly atmosphere.

So if this sounds like the team you been waiting for please look up BigBlackDragon (the l in black is really a capital i when you search for us). Contact our Leader, myself or any officer to get info or just apply even though it shows full. Welcome to your new home.