Plat3 DeathsShadows. Lvls 60+ needed

Hey there !

I hope your doing well and that your recent cause of you searching for a new home didn’t get too ugly. Furthermore, I am the leader of DeathsShadows in Plat3. We are currently looking for some level 60+ players to bring in. We are taking time now to help our lower levels players grow with us. We have found that loyalty is earned, not given. We are willing to help you as much as we can with rcs, XP runs, tips, etc. . All we ask is your stay active in events and never miss a war. We understand life happens so if you will miss or have an emergency we can only hope you have time to let us know. We will work something out. Team chat gets raunchy, so preferably 18+ is ideal. Feel free to message me with any further questions or concerns.

  • InSaiyan :muscle:t4:

Language: English
Time Zone: Central US
Played time: varies, as we have some international teammates.
Age Range: 18+


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