Platform Switching Unintended Diaskouri Unlock

Last night I attempted for the first time to log into my (previously) iOS-locked account from my Android device. I got in and not long after I got a notification congratulating me on unlocking the Android-specific Diaskouri dragon.

I’m already level 67 on that alt so of course the dragon itself means nothing to me, but figured I would throw it out there as something that never will and probably never needs to be addressed.

Diosouki is the Android dragon. So if u switch to Android devices, u will receive it instantly. U can swap it out of your roster so you don’t have to see it again

One thing I noticed, Diosouki cannot be able to deactivate in the Den. You have to swap with a different dragon and deactivate that dragon instead

I guess this might be from the difference in package files in iOS and Android so it has to be done this way to remove
@PGJared can you please check if this is a bug with cross platform?

I’m aware of Diaskouri (having got it originally on my Android-specific main way back). I have no problem burying it in the roster. I’m just saying I think this is one of those unintended side effects PG didn’t think about when it came to platform switching. Clearly it was originally set out to be a motivator for Android users to download the game and get an early special dragon, but now anybody can get it if they just switch devices.

Again, really not that big of a deal except for people who may be first starting an account.

Lol. I got him after I was lv90 (there was a bug for Dio a while back and they fixed it back then). But yeah, it’s a complete useless dragon for any big level players

You hit the nail on the head! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Happy flying!

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