Platinum 1 or Higher


Level: 136
Elite Account: Nope(F2P)
Roster includes: Zotz, Prospero, Aibrean, Cavaleris, Ember, Vulcan, Kelvin, and Equestor
Highest Lineage: Vulcan and Kelvin(will be getting Sekhem in the future sooner or later)
Language: English and Spanish(speak both but prefer English)
Time Zone: UTC
Play time: Started in 2016 Winter season but didn’t take the game seriously until the 2017 Summer season so nearly 3 years
Age: Dont care

About: I have been on a leave for a while due to life getting in the way and looking for a good, fun, and competitive team. I just about always make my War attacks, get plenty of points in events, and help in Atlas.

IGN: KingxQueenNyx


Newroyalz, Plat 1 and pushing for sapphire.

Very active, 12 castles (every element), over 1k daily egg tokens, great company. Attack in waves for wars and extremely competitive and active in atlas and events. Mostly US east and UK time. We have alts so you can miss a war with advanced notice but no heads up and a miss is autokick. No strict requirements on events but we try to push for the 1.2k sigil mark and minimum 50k troops reserve for attack and defense in Atlas.

F2P is fine, don’t need a credit card to fly with us! Just be active.

Message leader in game or me here if interested.

~Aleanjir ⚘


Message my leader… we’ll be happy to fly with you


@moderators can close thread now. Found a team