Platinum 2-3 Team Recruiting Atlas Active Members

Time Zone:All Times
Played time:All Times
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?:Yes/No
Dragon Roster Includes:Mythics
Highest Lineage Dragon:Garnet/Obsidian and up!

About:Platinum 2-3 team currently recruiting atlas active players. Preferably 250+ and up. We are a very talkative and lively bunch. Looking for a few members to join the ranks. We are very active in atlas and events. Aiming to get into sapphire. Must have line app. If interested or want more details then message in game Carnage713 or Line Id: Carnage71388

do y’all really want a 250 flying garnet drags? :thinking:


That’s why I said preferably 250 and up. Doesn’t necessarily have to be 250+ if the player is the right fit for the team.

I think you didn’t get what Fangsies meant. You can be flying garnet divines at level 162. Knowing that, a player that’s flying Garnets at 250 is vastly different than the same 250 flying Obsidians. In short, your dragon types and level req’s don’t line up. You may want to tighten it up a bit…or not.


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