Platinum 2-4 Looking for ACTIVE Players!

Do YOU want to join an awesome team who is always striving to grow? Well, come to the dark side!

We require that members be actually active, participating in all wars and events.

PM me if you’re ready to chat! :slight_smile:


Language: English
Time Zone: All
Played time: Any
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: preferably but not required

are y’all in plat 2 or plat 4? do you bounce wildly between those three leagues?

Team name? Castles?

We’re plat 4 right now, mostly hang around 3, been to 2. Needing more active players to keep progressing.

We don’t have atlas yet. Team called darksocietyx

How big is your core group?

We’re technically 83% active, but in actuality I’d drop that to 50% at best. Currently we’ve got 48/50 members. I want to bring in the best and weed out the underachievers.

If you have any hopes for atlas, while it may seem β€œsad” to say you will have to join another team to get there. Not sure how large of a group your core players are but depending on how many, we had a merge of leadership to a more active atlas team. The lesser active team could be a good choice. They could have been plat 2 but lacked convinction with some of the less dedicated players. We were strong at wars which is why we stayed in plat 3 before, some of us decided to move on. If interested I could put you in contact with those who could make it happen. Just depends how many you have.

Without atlas plat is hard enough to recruit for