Platinum 3 Atlas team looking for active players. Required level 300 and above

Team name: B1ackpear

Language: English

Do we have Atlas : yes

Do i need elite packs: its up to you. Not compulsory

Level requirements : 250 and above


6/8 team prize

7/10 team chest

We usually do a lot of team wars during mini events.

Daily egg tokens: 300(more if we win the war and less in case we lose)

Daily castle prize


Should be active atleast 20minutes a day and participate in all events and wars

Should be active in Atlas.should make a minimum 800 troops daily

No free parking allowed. U will get kicked for sure if u are not active in events and wars

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We have 3 new opening available

We have 2 new opening available for active players. Should be a active all event and wars. Our team is looking for atlas players too

We have two new opening.looking for atlas players

We have one new opening available. Looking for active atlas players

We have two new opening available. Looking for more atlas players

We have one new opening available.looking for more atlas active players

We still have one spot left

We still have one spot available

We have 2 slots available

Better to add what you provide. Okay nobody is parking but what are the benefits to be in your team etc. since it looks like you are trying for the team

Thanks for your opinion. I will try to add benefit too


We have one slot available

Bump… We still have one slot

We have one slot available

We have two new slot available for active players

We have one slot for new player.should be active in Atlas

Bump, still have one spot

We have one spot available. Need more atlas active players. We have around 80% activity right now.

We have 4 new opening available.need atlas active players