Platinum 3 team, competitive without being cutthroat! Possible merger


We are rebuilding our Platunim 3 team, Thegamers2.

About us:

:small_blue_diamond: We are hard working and like winning, but we enjoy the company of our gaming family more and are one of the :boom:RARE :boom: teams that believes real life (RL) comes first and accidents happens.
:small_blue_diamond:We have a training team to house temporarily busy members; so they can stay in the family (it is currently in Gold 3), and our advanced team (Thegamers2) can stay competitive.
:small_blue_diamond:While we understand RL is more important, too many mess ups will get you kicked or moved to the training team. We don’t want to punish our hard working members either.
:small_blue_diamond:You can bring a group of friends because we have multiple spots open :exclamation:
:small_blue_diamond:Willing to merge, but not willing to: leave this team, change leader, or change values. We must retain some of our officers. We also won’t remove our advisors from our officers chat room.



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