Platinum 3 team recruiting

We are a very active team, looking for active reliable players to join us, we have some alts and temps that im looking to replace , we offer lots of assitance and help to all players, our goal as a team is working to get to sapphire league. Level requirement is 40 and above. If interested in joining our team please apply to: flytodragonlan my in game name is Roselynn9381 please send me message if any questions.

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Hi, we’re looking for a new home, may we apply?

About: Two active player, lvl 63, we come as a pair, we play ALL events and wars.
Looking to move from Gold to Platinum

Language: English or French
Time Zone: Eastern
Played time: 8-9 months
Age Range: 30+
Elite Account: sometimes
Dragon Roster Includes: recent divines + critical path dragons by Red
Highest Lineage Dragon: we’re about to open up breeding gold eggs

Yes please apply right after event

Shouldnt you make your own advertisement instead of trying to steal players from peoples ads?

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Thank you, please apply after event or message myself or one of the officers. Look forward to flying with you

I apologize I thought you were the one asking for a team. I didn’t read the post clearly that you were advertising you wanted good applications. I will remove my comment

Its ok no worries :kissing_heart:

We don’t mind pairs, we have several on the team. Just ask that you engage with the rest of the group

Yes please apply

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