Platinum 4 Atlas team seeking 4 players

123Dragon is seeking 4 players who are interested in flying with a neutral atlas team.
Atlas participation is required and we want people who are experienced or are willing to learn and use atlas daily. Our team is kept lower in the rankings so we can glory hunt on most teams with 100% glory rates. We don’t have an official affiliation in atlas, however we do have a bunch of bigger teams that we work with. We work together with our 5TA on glory raids weekly.

Outside of atlas we work well together in events and we have friendly, helpful, teammates that love to help out! We have many wiki guides with a lot of helpful info and strategies. We also have a team LINE group! If you’re interested in joining us please send in an app and mail me (leader) or an officer. For more info send me a message here or in game with your LINE ID and we can have a chat!

Happy Hunting :dragon:

:two_hearts: Fhionnuisce

We still have 2 spots open after the event, if anyone is interested please send me a message here or in game :slight_smile:

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