Platinum 4 team-We are looking for players for our team-level 150+

Teamname : B1ackpearl


Time Zone:all time zones are welcome as long as they are active

Played time:any time

Have Atlas :yes

Requirement: only requirement is should be active in main game events and wars.its a must

Age Range: no age restrictions

Elite Account?:no need

Base level :200 and above(below will also be considered if they are very active and support the team)

Dragon Roster Includes:any

Highest Lineage Dragon:any

We are right now in platinum 3 and doing petty good. We are currently looking for some new players for our team. Plse message me if anyone interested.
Thank you

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Bump! We are still looking for players

Bump! We are still looking for some players. Apply even if we are full

We have one opening available.

Bump! We have 2 new opening. Only requirements is Should be active in war. If u miss 4 wars, U will be kicked

Hi, I am not playing in this account anymore as by mistake i deleted the game but i created a new one. Its name is DemonsAlpha and in level 28 but i seem to do much better in events and leveling up faster without elite account and i am looking for a nice team to join invite me

Could you not just put your login info back in?

I tried doing that but it did not work even asked PG

We have 3 new opening available. Should be active in wars

@DemonOxO, message me in game. Cant find you with that name

Bump ! We still have some spot

Bump! We have two new opening

Bumb! We have one more opening

We have one new opening

We have 2 new opening. Should be active in events and wars


We have 2new opening

We have two new opening. Should be active in event and wars

We have 3 new openings

Bumps we atill have 2 more opening for next event.