Platinum atlas do we have it now?

I seen atlas attack pop u to day in platinum do we have atlas now ?

It is probably a new member in your team that already had access to atlas

actually no, if you leave a team that has atlas to a team that does not have atlas, you will be automatically stripped of access. atlas access is based on the team, not the individual.

in this case I would assume that it is a glitch on your new member (if you had one recently) . there is a glitch for some people when they jump team, their old team’s banner still shows up. he/she might be coming from a team with atlas and their banner is showing up on your team now.

He has been with team for long time never come up befor are platinum getting atlas

PGEcho said some teams in plat will get access to Atlas. Look in the Atlas ,topic for more information. He does not give the names of the team so no one knows if you are getting Atlas.

Ah… That makes sense.

Ok thank u for your help guys :+1::facepunch:

actually he never mentioned when atlas will be rolled out to those teams, and the upcoming update is not until end of March or early April. Besides, if you have access to atlas, there is no way you don’t know that you have access as new teams are required to complete tutorial, and a atlas icon will appear on your screen, no way you can miss that. So based on what OP described, they do not have access.

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Would love a screenshot and whether you can actually access it because I imagine I am not alone in saying that many of us will go absolutely apoplectic if they released to anyone in Platinum before releasing to those in Sapphire who still don’t have it.

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Yeah I wasn’t answering whether or not he had Atlas currently because you are right, there has not been a new roll out in 24 hours. it would have been announced. I was answering IF he will get Atlas. That’s why I directed him to the post in the Atlas topic.

restart your game and see if you have the atlas tab, just above the war tab. If you do, then you have atlas and will be in the neutral zone where you can’t be attacked… so not sure how your seeing a war banner from atlas

Its a probably a new member who had Atlas and left his troops somewhere where they can be attacked. It may in NML or a garrisoned castle and an opposing team attacked them.

I have tried it was one of our members who use to have it think it was a lag of something

Maybe they do Maybe they don’t…

I personally think it should be completely random who enters and when!

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