Platinum chast changes

Add mythic egg token in platinum chast,
And change drops rate
Mythic. 10%
Legendary. 30%
Epic 60%.

I open 75 platinum chast and get only 2.4k sigils something and i use 5k sigil.


yours was exactly outdated pudding luck i believe :cactus:
I did lost -200 sigil after spend 5k yet… worth losing 200 sigil after win tons of timer / shard etc … :roll_eyes:

:roll_eyes: Plat chest is not only sigils…

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Well buddy it has a pattern. You lose first and then u gain and then you lose again. Full on gamble.
At first, I lost about 3k sigils, in past events, then this time, gained 6k sigils. So it is a gamble.


I spend 5k Sigil and got pushed from 3,6K to 9,1K Sigil :smile:
I am a lucky guy :four_leaf_clover: