Platinum Chest Dragon Quest

To start off, I am going to say that out of all of the dragon quests that I have seen, I have never received a Platinum Chest quest. Every chest quest that I have received has been a gold chest quest, and I have received at least two of them every day, three if I’m lucky—all of which I have been able to do (quite miraculously, might I add, as I do not remember getting Morta or Luzok, and of course, Hueso will always be obtainable). I have finally gotten one of these seldom seen Platinum Chest quests that everyone has spoken of, and I see that it requires both mythics from a season (see pictures below). Why is this? Why does it even require mythics? I’m genuinely concerned. Not everyone is going to get a mythic, let alone both mythics.


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LMAO yeah let me go get 19 more keys to get ANOTHER mythic just for a platinum chest :rofl::ok_hand:


They did that last season too with needing Sep and Cal, then suddenly those quests vanished. I really wish they’d limit it to quests for dragons we own, otherwise it is a waste of time


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I think all the season’s easily obtainable dragons+festives are all fair game. I don’t think resurrection dragons should be included. So this season it would be Talariok, Zel’noth, Omiros, Nebulon and Hueso of course. On top of that, I don’t think we’re supposed to be able to do every single quest, I’d say that balance would be justifiable.

But what I do agree with is mythics should NOT be in the quests. I doubt even a fifth of the player base gets a mythic, let alone TWO. (Also is there any stats on how many players in the game get mythics? because I’m quite curious.)


I don’t think so but you can rely on most people 300+ getting them. Or people 100-200 that are super active getting them. I only know 3 or 4 people that got both mythics, all of them were over level 550 on D1/D2 teams lmao.

yeah, no, maybe if of that level and on an active team that gets 1200 sigils in fort at least.

I would hazard to guess that mythics are fairly rare in P4 and below. P2 seems fairly common.

Basing this on my personal experience of achieving mythics in P2 with Atlas, castles, and 1200 sigils during fort, and alts in P4, no castles, no 1200 sigils, no mythics.

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They vanished because it was unfeasible for both mythic to be had.
@PGGalileo dragon quests have returned to requiring both mythics. Shouldn’t that have been fixed from last season still?

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Just dust the mission and move on. Whales can get their chest :man_shrugging: