Platinum chests drops

Should I buy a lottery ticket?
Edit: I only opened those 10 platinum chests as I only needed 3.15k sigils for the 100% egg token bonus


3200 sigils! You got lucky lol


Yes you should

I got this from a single pull… im happy :grin:


Stop with this, I don’t want to get a gambling addiction from this stuff. Hate to say it, but I need to save my rubies for Super Sigils!


I didnt use rubies though, i saved those plat chests, i have 8 then i traded 1 key for 2… hence 10 and a great pull :grin:


I opened Under 20 or so I had saved up-took a game bike with some keys, and had decent luck. Like 1100 for 20 chests or so. After that I opened 20 with rubies as I wanted to see what I would get-hit garbage was that answer.

I must admit yours looks better than mine. 5 legendary and one mythic drops in one set of10 is nuts.

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Too late. Now you´re addicted to gambling lol

Lol, wish I could deny it

I got lucky with my plats! :smiley: From 98 plats I got:
20.4k Egg tokens
81k embers
12k pearls
5k ice shards
5k fire shards
7k sigils
575 12 h
520 3h

Still have 4 I can open but my OCD is telling me not to ruin the 0/30 chest progress


I got this from the free chest mostly timer though so I’m not sad

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98 plats but only 5K ice and 5K fire shards drops … in that case no mythic shards drops , which means you are really lucky lol


I seriously am!! Only got 2 legendary drops of each of those shards :smiley: All hail embers, sigils and timers!!

i opened 360 platinum chests so far lol + bonus


What about egg tokens?

I got lots of fire shards, ice shards and black pearls (and have no use for any of them) :sob:

There’s a reason I avoid gambling.


Wow, that’s a lot of plats!

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380 now totally ha ha

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I mean, I like egg tokens too, but I’m not bothered that I didn’t get too many since my number 1 priority when opening plats is usually getting embers :grin: I’ll get plenty of egg tokens from bronzes and golds next week!

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