Platinum Chests - Official Discussion Thread

Discuss the blog post here! If you haven’t read it yet, fly on over here to check it out!

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There are a bunch of threads on this already.

But the unanimous consensus is:

They offer too little for what they cost.

It’s Runic Chests all over again.


why? just why?

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It states in the blog - “will be available for a limited time, starting in this weeks fortification …”.

Does this mean they will be available next week for a pvp event?
Are they going to be available in future seasons?



The efficiency is not too good for the price.
Remove the ice / fire shard
Mythic drop rate
I need to raise it
It is also a problem that pearls are floating too much.
I am not lucky?

(Let me exchange the ice / fire shards for elemental embers
Too many (1M each))


So I wonder how many people actually have to quit playing this game before PG gets the hint that people are tired of the STUPID crap they are doing to this game!!?? Also raising the cost of everything made enough people mad as it is!!


Please share the duration of the “limited time”. I was planning to save platinum chests until next season but now I’m confused.


I thought the whole idea behind fixing the economy was to fix it for everyone? These prices are ludicrous and are geared to the big spenders.

I posted in the other thread, but I will post here since it is the official thread for it and perhaps PG will see it.

The price is too high. It should be priced at 8k rubies for the drop rate posted.

If you keep it at 12k, the drop rate needs to be adjusted to 20% mythic, 30% legendary and 50% epic.


Why though?

It doesn’t look like a better value than gold chests and the difference of distribution in resources seems slight. (I haven’t seen enough real data to be sure of this though, tbh. If they’re like gold chests the rates of the different drops within a class are not equal, so we can’t assume the given drop rate table tells us enough to get real drop rates.)

If you’re not buying a bunch it looks like they’re also more of a gamble. Chance of a windfall, but also a real chance of not getting what you need. I’d usually rather buy 3x as many gold chests and know I’ll get closer to the expected averages than take the risk of a bad result.

These would be a once a season during discount or your biggest event thing for me, and that only if I felt I knew the drop rates better than we do now.


Interestingly, If you calculate drop dates Platinum chests are more profit, in theory. At least better than runic. So, price itself does not a problem.

However, there’s no ‘profit’ if platinum chests can’t be obtained like other chests. This is real problem. There’re too limited ways for normal player and even light spenders. Didn’t they said ‘To help’ at the first sentence of blog post?

  • Make platinum chest can be dropped from monument. I don’t think this would break balance; think about gold chest drop rate.
  • Distribute chests through prizes. At least like gold chests. 16M to 10? No.
  • Swap position of silver chest with gold, and gold with plat for specific event period; in personal prizes, monument drops, etc,.
  • Or, just modify gold chest…
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Well, the drops are really good but the price is high,i would prefer something like 10k rubies per 10 but hey, fine.


Is this will come back in future event? Could it hapend during pvp ?

If we save the chest we get right now , it will carry over the next time plat chest will be out?


Its alrdy in reward , there is 3 of them up to 4m point !! I have 5 right now with the 2 free from pg

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Yes, I also got some of them. What I meant was, prizes are not distributed ‘evenly’; 1 at 54.1k, 1 at 615k, 1 at 2.4M, and 10 at 16M does not seems fair and ‘help’ to me…

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Well, I have to admit I do like a gamble!
Opened the 5 Platinum chests I had. 1 Legendary, 4 Epic. OK, 20% Legendary. Not so bad?
Well, since I got 12k rubies from Event so far, what the heck! What’s the worst that can happen??
Pretty much what DID happen!! 1 Legendary, 9 Epic. Total crock!!!

I can handle it, but posted as a warning to other optimists out there!! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

When they mentioned 25%, they didn’t joke about it.
If you don’t believe it, try open 100 Platinum chests, and count how much legendary drop (bonus chests excluded) you get.
As usual, 25/100 is different from 1/4.

I updated the Chest Drops sheet to include Platinum drop rates.

Still working on getting Kate’s version updated.

So far it looks to be the same as the gold chests in the fact that you have to average over thousands of chests to get closer and closer to the average.

It is 3x the cost but for some cases 3x the prizes too. (Ice/Fire shards are only just slightly over gold chest averages.)

No communication as to meaningful numbers in prizing other than 13 this fort IF you max out the event. Since I can expect to get 19 gold chests for this event getting to 6mil points and only 3 platinum, it is not great. Make is 1/3 the amount of gold chests for an event and it might be comparable, maybe.


  1. How often will these be offered in the armory? Can we get them at least once a month?
  2. Will it show up during 1 of the 2 discount weeks? Even just the second week that isn’t pvp would be good.
  3. Will it ever be offered as a seasonal line prize NOT on the option over gold chests? Do not make me choose between golds and platinums.

Depending on how often it will come around and how many you can get, these may be like silvers for me. Save until I have a few hundred and good drops that event, then open them all.


I see PG is still relentlessly preying on the uninformed.
I nope no one is spending their stimulus money on these things.


Every single one :joy:

I’ll open the plat chests I get for free (or in prizes or whatever), but no rubies. Too risky for the cost imho, would rather open golds.


Wow a bit of a rip off. And they reduced the benefit of gold chests no longer can you get 3k eggs. Real shame how pg is being so chincey and just doing a money grab.

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