Platinum Chests what?

Platinum Chests.
Really of what use are they at higher levels?
Change is good.

Send me yours please


I dont know about you but I love sigils, eggs, embers, timers, electrums and merging materials. So at higher levels they’re nice, you just need to save them up to open in a larger amount. Every Trading post I usually get around 75k embers from plats which is helpful
I wouldn’t say no though if they wanted to remove the pearls for more electrum bars


Accept them as a gift from events and quests. Never use rubies to buy them.


They are good at gambling for resources and sigils but sometimes it’s a what if situation but they are still good if you hoard them from season to season.


What change? Are you proposing something to be changed? What is even the purpose of this topic, it doesn’t seem like it’s designed for any actual discussion.