Platinum divine stone requirements


Base lvl 99
Den lvl 20
Already have 2 platinum legendary Kelvin and Kaiju.

Need answer for subject question.
Obviously need to lvl up base but how much?


Level 23 Den. Which you can get at level 114


Thanks. Appreciate your prompt response.


Amoeba to the rescue:


How did you get them both at lvl 99? I got kelvin at lvl 104, but kaiju comes from a different path.


Sek and khrysos


What grumpy said above.
Ferrox+basilieus = Sekorons
Sekorons+Lumen= mune and Cerbero = Kaiju, Kelvin, Kulan.

One can hatch legendary platinum dragon on base lvl 90.


I see diff path in red breed guide from platinum onwards.
Which is recommended. I would like to follow minimum egg token path.


Whatever path you follow, remember that you need parents breedable, which becomes bottleneck rather than the incubator level. Parents are capped by den level, and hence can only breed at lev 108.


Everything in this game runs in tandem. You target next base lvl in fortification. You target next dragon tier in breeding event. Between these event you upgrade required accessories. I am only 5 month old in this game and this is only much I learned.


I am 2.5 months into game lol. But i learnt a bit too much that’s all :stuck_out_tongue:


Just follow her sek khrysos path on the website. Her best path is most closely aligned with her original cons whale path. Since u got sek and khrysos already best to just follow that path until sapphire where u can decide which sapphire path to follow.

Sorry website here:


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