Platinum Dragon with 20 shards?

I was glancing in my incubator to see how far I was on my two gold dragons when I noticed I had 1 shard belonging to a Platinum dragon. It says I can get more from events only and cant use fragments with it. Any insights?

Screenshot? I’m not 100% sure what exactly your situation is, so a visual will help. :t_rex:

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That’s Phweemp. You get his shards by referring people to sign up for WD, and who then reach level 20/40. It’s a lot of effort, and he’s not a good dragon. :man_shrugging:


Thank you for the quick reply! Now I know!

To add on to @Tinsir I believe you need to have 20 referrals reach level 20. Something like that at least not sure if that is exactly right

I’ve also heard that it can be 10 players to level 40 as well since I think level 40 gives another phweemp egg :upside_down_face:

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Yeah it is! @mechengg u can have 20 reach 20 or 10 reach 40 or any other way to make 40 too lol

I actually have Phweemp he’s great :grin:

You level and evolve him with research eggs like the old divines

He looks like a blue Barney with little wings! He’s super cool :joy:

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I don’t have any experience with this (and am unlikely to refer 20 friends lol), could you give some examples on how that levelling and evolving works? Very curious :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here you go!


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Predetermined breeding path???

He just levels like normal with Xp but instead of with Food he takes Research eggs.

So to get to level 2 it would be like 2 Red Research Eggs, then 4 and 6 and then he would start taking Purple and Blue Research eggs to evolve into higher Tiers.

It’s all off Research eggs instead of with food and evolve stones.

Ummm no?

It’s not research eggs at all lol. It’s the special referral eggs which can only be obtained by the referral players reaching level thresholds.

Apparently it is so

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Do you have him? And yes he is! @mechengg

You obtain him with those referral eggs!
You LEVEL and evolve him with research eggs.

Red Research eggs up to Platinum Research eggs and can be evolved to Platinum.

The referral eggs are like Platinum looking eggs.
I stopped leveling him because i don’t have Research eggs to spare

I stand corrected!

I always thought it was x referral eggs per level and thats how you leveled him.

Oh ok and you Just received the special eggs in events?