Platinum Ranking Question

We are a small Plat 4 team (~30 players). From what I understand moving up tiers to Plat 3 you will need to continue to win Wars when waged in non-Atlas game play. We don’t win many…for sure not enough to bump us up to P3.

For some reason, we got bumped to Plat 3. What are other requirements? We did score NR1 in the recent PVP temple event. Does that account for a bump to P3?

Would teams/players quitting qualify us to bump up because not enough teams?

We feel like we would not be able to compete in a higher tier…thanks in advance!

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It’s based on your team’s ranking. The ranking bracket for Plat 3 is rank 576 - 825. Your team rank changes as other team’s ranks change. So if you were as ranked 830 and a few teams dropped down to P4 then that would push your team up into P3.

Doing well in Pvps like we just had grants league points while doing poorly costs league points. First place I believe is +18 points and placing in the bottom is -10 points. So if your team did well then the ranking points from that very well could have pushed you up.


Our P4 team moved up to P3 as well, just by scoring in the top 10 of events over a period of time. P3 isn’t what it used to be, either - I see lots of partially filled teams and/or teams mostly filled with sub level 100 accounts.

If you think it is a problem, you can just do what the sandbaggers do - throw a few wars to drop back down.

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Appreciate your help…always. Thanks ZDG.

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