Platinum team with Atlas looking for active players

Juggernauts can make room for two new teammates. Of course we would like to attract higher levels but we actually care more about talkactive and participating members who never miss a war and event.
We have a teambank and allies in Atlas to help you grow easier and faster.
We’re an active and chatty team where every voice counts and members are equal.
If you’re interested please drop a note to a leader/ officer who is online.
Hope to see you soon!:smiley:


If its ok when I’m just lvl 68? Do you need line or is this valuable?

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As long as you’re active and read and react to mails we’re happy to have you😃

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Yep.Just send me an invite after event , if that’s ok for you.

Could you send me a mail in game? It’s easier for me this way to find you

Ok^^ I’ll send you a mail :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds good, I myself a PvP 68 too and want access to atlas, can you post a picture of your team here and confirm you have it, also that way I can send you a mail asking for invitation. I’m very active all the time.

You all got an invite for our recruitment chat. If you change the team we’d like you to be online in chat and switch teams immediately when we make room.

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I didn’t know if the offer still stands, but I’m looking for a place myself I think we’d be a good fit. I messaged @xAhda in game to see.

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