Player activity - Android vs IOS

Is there a difference between how the activity rating is calculated between IOS and Android?

It looks like it is easier for IOS players to maintain a ‘Very Active’ rating, which I don’t think was true in the past.

I would have thought that the fact that you have to keep restarting the game on android when it crashes, would have meant that it counted as more sessions, perhaps it is the opposite?

i don’t think there are any differences between ios and android

Maybe it’s easier for iOS to have very active since it’s easier for us to chat? (I keep reading all these posts on the forums about how badly the in-game keyboard is for android devices. And chatting in your team chat is an easy way to shift from Active to Very Active.)


And does iOS actually enforce the logout due to inactivity? Last I knew, iOS users could very easily leave the game connected overnight.

Hmm. When I was on vacation I had left my iPad on overnight during a war and put a shirt over it. I was still logged into the game the next morning but it was displaying me as being “offline”.

Android will close the game, even if you leave it running and the screen on. I think 30 minutes with no activity in the game will cause it to close.


Unless they get creative:




And… It’s not third party software.


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