Player base building help (lvl 49)

Hi all,

I could use some advice for my base to get ready for next fort event :hugs:
This is my current base with what I have in store as well :

My plan is to reach lvl 55 to unlock the fire and ice flaks so I can finally build them as suggested by some of you in some other threads.

I have a couple of questions :

  1. I need to reach lvl 51 before I can upgrade again my buildings… so what other towers should I build ? I have that lvl 15 red mage but I doubt it will be enough.
  2. once I reach lvl 55, should I build at the same time the fire and ice flaks or focus on 1st ? (If so which one ?). I’ve read on the forums that embers were quite rare but I don’t know if that changed with the new structure in prizes with this season. I only have 8610 embers.
  3. where exactly should I put my towers on the kill island ? I couldn’t find any pic of a short base with a fire and ice flaks, all of them have a dark one which I know has a short range.
  4. should I put some mage towers on the next long island for rage drain like suggested there by Alessandro ? : Level 109 Player Base Help

Thanks to those who can help :grin:


dark flak

I think the 15 -> 20 mage should be enough, if not, level another few mages to like 5 and it should put you over.
Okay so I looked and red mage 15->20 is 22.4k xp, but 49 is 19k xp and 50 is 21.6k so unless you’re super close to 50 already, you’re going to have to either level a few mages or start a ice turret as suggested further on in the thread:

Edit 2: leveling a mage from 0-7 is 2.5k xp and you have 5 remaining mages

  1. You should build both* and put them on island 3 with 2 mages and a storm. Have the ice flak in front and fire flak in back. *Build fire flak up first though, ice flak just needs to exist long enough to pop the shield so mage shots and fire flak damage can land.

  2. Answered by 2.

  3. Yes. With half the dragons nowadays, rage drain doesn’t work since most shields absorb mage shots, but what it does do is give you is time to setup your main islands with supershots before the dragon arrives.


At your level, I built a few extra mages. I went the ice flak + fire flak route on my alt, which is…about your level, actually. If you’re interested, I could have it PM you so you can reference it’s setup, but otherwise, I might say that an ice flak at such a low level is a dubious choice unless you can get Atlas asap and build some defensive gear, and are on a team that knows how to defend.

Conventional meta would be a dark flak + fire/ice flak. (I’d go with fire, personally) It works, but you’re right in that the dark flak has to be in the front row. Does pretty heavy damage, though.

I guess the question you should be asking yourself is whether or not you’d prefer to kill people your level most reliably, or have the ability to sometimes smack larger dragons.

Rage drain: yeah, build one, with all level 1 mages. It’ll slow dragons down and give you a chance to load supershots, too.

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Unless they got entrap aka ronin lol but thqt be a pretty dime that low then rage drain is useless

Many divines have white spells that let them dodge/absorb mage shots. Ronin is probably the least of their worries lol. I still keep my rage drain as a lag buffer. It doesn’t really hurt you when people can bypass it


Unless they can keep full rage. But i do agree but ronin is dope also

A mage drain imo is very worth while. Sure many drags can nullify it… so just dont use supers on those drags… but many drags don’t have a way to avoid it and get drained.
It also gives defenders time to prepare defence.
I also prefer a kill island on the middle straight rather than being limited to 5 towers… I still only have 3 attacking towers but 5 defensive (mage/storm) protecting my 3 flaks. Takes some embers tho…


Rage drain is just an outdated term for putting mages in front and does not really describe its purpose in current meta. Now you basically expect most people to reach your kill island with full rage. At low levels people will not have the research to start with 4-5 rage but imo the chance to put boosts down and set ss properly outweighs giving time to generate rage


Be smarter about your rage drain, then :eyes:

Modern problems require modern solutions.

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Don’t build a ice flak just yet, their much stronger in their 50’s+ levels. Focus on a dark flak and once you reach like level 100+ Build a fire flak. Embers are very scarce, especially at those levels so it’s best focus on one. One level 30 is better than multiple level 10’s or something

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If your trying to only gain xp from towers that u don’t plan to put in storage afterwards… maybe in ice turret could help, at least to get u to lvl 51 to upgrade your hut so you can continue leveling your towers pass lvl 20. Assuming your planning to keep your base short…i don’t see a need to lvl the red mage pass lvl 15.
And as far as flak are involved… just stick to one til its capped and maybe start another then…

Why not? Towers that are capped as high as they can for the players level are going to be strong. And starting off with the highest utility flak in the game is not a bad way to start out.

That’s preference :man_shrugging:t3: Once you build a DF, you’re limiting the flexibility of what your island design is. Moreover, people can build two flaks right off the bat when they reach 55, especially with the season lines and opening gold chests during fort and bronze during pvp (and rubies and gold during the discount drag pvp).
DF fire flak combo’s weakness is it can’t break shields, so axi, both this seasons warriors, and just about every seasonal leg warrior’s shield is going to be very effective vs this.
IF DF combo weakness is that there’s no back damage, or if you put IF in the back, it’s not going to be in range to break shields before all the super shots are used. If both are in front, disables or freezes wreak havoc against this setup, bc there’s no back damage.
IF FF is very effective, shields go down before super shots hit, there’s back damage, lots of good stuff, and so that’s the one I recommend :man_shrugging:t3: Yes there are dragons which the other 2 listed setups are more effective at, but with a base you’re not going to catch all, the goal is to catch most. Of course, what I’m saying is an opinion too, just I’ve provided why I am saying the things I am.



If you want a short base, you actually have to max all your (minimal) towers up until you start building new towers like flaks, as the xp reqs are extremely tight.

And with all these red centric dragons lately, why advise for someone to have a subpar level mage when the rest of their damage towers are max/capped?


I actually was suggesting shouldn’t continue leveling the mages for the exact reason.:roll_eyes:

Low red mage = Food for Pros and other dragons…

And i thought at lvl 50 all towers cap out at lvl 20.

What was the reason? You said:


And I said:

What you’re saying and I am saying are very different so I’m afraid something isn’t being communicated.

This is what mech’s base guide looks like.

What OP has done differently from this plan is made a second storm instead of an ice turret, no second archer, and no DF, so a pretty clean fricken slate imo.

:man_facepalming:Ah!!! yes a storm!!! I had forgot about that little b@stard. Since earth flaks came out, i tend to only see only 1 storm tower in base’s.

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