Player / dragon lvl for evolutions, seasonal dragons

Is there any table, where I can find the information about lvls, when I can do evolutions for latest seasonal dragons? Earlier I’ve used amoeba site, and it was pretty simple - all seasonal dragons got their evolutions at the same level.

Starting from winter season, the lvls of dragons are shifted - e.g. I got platinum evolution for winter and spring dragons, while it was not available for earlier seasonal dragons. Also, on my current lvl, the max lvl for winter dragon is 24, while it is 22 for spring.

Also I want to understand, when I will need 1st and 2nd sapphire dragon, to plan lvl-up in future fortifications.

Yep here.

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Calculators & Lookups: Breeding, Feeding, XP & Time to Level, Evo Stone, Speedups, Dragon Finder + List/Abilities Might be helpful too.

Omg, all seasonal are orange there :slight_smile:
Haven’t noticed that. Was thinking that only usual dragons are there :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot )

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