Player Inventory Ledger


It would be convenient to have an inventory ledger for all resource material so that no matter what is upgrading you can see at a glance what you have on hand… we have a way to readily see runes (rune vault), wood/food/gold (storage), crafting shards (forge), timers/spells etc (forge)… but there are things that are not readily visible or can’t be seen when something is in use or upgrading.

Elemental Embers
Black Pearls
Mystic Fragments
Others… might be missing something here

Just wanted to toss this out there, it’s not a game changer, but I feel it would certainly enhance gameplay and cut down on frustration. Some of us know some shortcuts (not all items have one) to get around the obvious blocks when things are happening… but for new players especially I think this would be a great add.

Edit - Stones for Devine Dragons

General Inventory

I had done a mockup a while back, and suggestions have been made even before that but yeah :see_no_evil:



Didn’t see it when I looked, my search skills are lacking… I should have known, you guys are always on top of things :slight_smile:


I had been thinking about bringing it up again anyway, so :beers:


Friday would have been a great day to bring it up lol


:shushing_face: remembered afterwards, along with something else that I forgot again… :woman_facepalming:


:woman_facepalming: hopefully you can remember what that thing you forgot was. Good luck remembering!


Can other be stones from divine dragons? I would love to know what I got for mine. My memory is terrible. :sweat:


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