Player-level Atlas Bookmarks

Would you consider enabling an option to bookmark castles in Atlas that the individual player can use? Current behavior only allows bookmarking to a team-wide shared list. I’d love to be able to bookmark castles that, for example, I should or shouldn’t hit while allowing my teammates to generate their own lists. @PGGalileo


I can look into it!

Thanks man, you’d be my best friend forever!

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Use the +New Topic button at the top or search for something related. This is not even close. The best existing thread right now is probably Temple lag festive

This usually happens when you changed team after treasure hunt started or your team changed other people after treasure hunt started and those people got your slot in the team roster for the event, or threw off PG’s count. If it says you’re bound to a different team it’s probably the former, but many people not in that situation had this issue recently, so it could be anything I guess. Definitely file a ticket with support, even if it’s one of the old bugs people need to keep bugging them about it.

On topic: I too would like personal atlas bookmarks.

AomI’m guessing you are not one of the folks I can complain to and get this fixed?
Ok. Thanks bud!