Player Level Required for Incubator/Castle Level 14

PG has confirmed that a new dragon tier is coming out this season, looks like it will be called Empyrean. I have a request for PG in connection with this:

PLEASE tell us what player level will be required to build a level 14 incubator (and breeding castle) BEFORE next fortification event.

Some of us (me, for example), have mythic vanguard dragons, but are in the grey area between being able to hatch vanguards (level 330) and being able to evolve divines to Empyrean (level 387). This means that we don’t know whether we are a high enough level to hatch empyrean dragons. Knowing what level to push to in fortification would really help this player’s happiness and quality of life. Even better would be if we could also build the castle and incubator during the next fortification event, assuming we reach the necessary level.

For clarification, I’m not asking for any details about the dragons themselves, not even confirmation that they will be called “Empyrean.” I JUST want to know what level will be required to build level 14 breeding castle and incubator. Thank you.


At this point, they should be able to…
Perhaps waiting for Sandberg’s update

I’m level 340, so I can hatch Vanguard but can’t evolve my divines to Vanguard until 358. It was the same with harbs (hatch at 300, evolve at 315) and obsidian (hatch at 182, evolve at 226). From the game data, we now know that divines can evolve to Empyrean at 387, meaning that the level requirement is probably below that, if they follow the same pattern, but probably higher than when you can first evolve to Vanguard. So to me the most likely range seems to be 358-387, but that a big range when talking about post-300 levels.

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Probably try calculating how many exp between 300 and 330, then add it from 330…

However, that’s still a rough estimate…

Yeah, 360-363 is my best guess. But those three levels represent a lot of timers, and I’d hate to stop at 363 and find out later that the requirement is 366.

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365 iheard u have to be 360 for emp tier n to max 400 plus think 410 if i remember someone saying

Harb devines at 358 into vanguards :eyes: 387 max vans

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