Player level - To view Atlas

Hi All,

I am still kinda new to War Dragon Forums, so not sure where to post and get my answer. Our team has Atlas, and we are now building the team back up, a new player less than level 12 joined out team, but the logo to enter Atlas does not yet appear on his account.

So my question is, even though the team has Atlas, what level should the player be to actually enter Atlas?

Can anyone please assist?

Thank you.

The minimum level for Atlas is 25


Thank you! Now I can focus more on players higher than the given 25 to recruit :slight_smile:

Getting to level 25 is pretty quick :eyes:

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Lol yes but harder to get the right high, active players to join… As we are now only Gold 2 with Atlas, 43/50 members.

Note that players need to be level 40 before they can craft gear.


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