Player - Made Dragon Concepts

Thread to post cool player - made dragon ideas, make this a hot topic so PG will notice and maybe add some of them

If you have a cool dragon concept then post:
-dragon type and rarity
-spell kit details(including rage cost)
-and(optional but best have it) a drawing of the dragon with particle effects

Just thought this will be cool

I’d put this on Off Topic instead as it fits there better


I dont think they can. Most companies dont take fan suggestions because it opens them up to legal stuff for profiting off a concept they didnt pay for.


Didnt we have a thread like this before?

Found it


Okay. Here’s mine.

Not An OP Dragon At All
Legendary Earth Warrior

  • Super Explosion - Active | White | 0 Rage
    A 50% chance to destroy all towers on an opponent’s base. 5 minute cool down.

  • Cloak of Midnight - Active | White | 0 Rage
    Dragon is cloaked in layers of darkness for 10 second. The dragon regains all HP and can still use spells and attack. 0 second cool down.

  • Fire and Ice
    Alternates between Deathly Flame and Deathly Freeze. Both alternating spells have a 0 second cool down.

    – Deathly Flame - Active | White | 0 Rage
    Dragon’s attack is increased by 500%.

    – Deathly Freeze - Active | White | 0 Rage
    All nearby towers are destroyed and turned to ice.

  • Super Resist - Passive
    Reduces damage done by all towers by 99%.


Giggy Chunk would have been great this season. Missed opportunity for a cosmic hippo


I might not like Gig but there is no way and no chance I say no to this



Well, guess I should’ve dug deeper in the forums to see if someone’s already done it…

That was back in September tho, and I want this to be a bit more flexible than just sorcerers and warriors - personally I think that PG should have more invokers, as currently they’re pretty rare and is sorta hard to collect them

-Make this a Mythic Hunter

-Put the fireball chance at 50%, except it’s 25% of opponent tower, 10 sec cooldown, and also works like regular fireball

-Make the cloak last about 4 secs and heals 20% base hp (like Ikaros) and give it a 1 sec cooldown

-Give Deathly Flame 300% increase instead

-Give Deathly Freeze a 3 sec cooldown

-Change the resist to adaptive, and works like a regular resist

Boom, viable dragon(sort of).

I don’t think you got the joke


I did, tried to make it funnier

Here’s my suggestion. It is only going to have 1 active spell
Mega Chunk

Passive:Belly Rub- Dragon has a summon with 10000% Modified HP and gives little belly flops everywhere for 420% of summons HP. Absorbs 100% of damage as well as mage SS

Passive: Hippo Skin: Dragon doesn’t take any damage from towers

Passive: bubbles- Every time the dragon bellyflops, bubbles steam from its nose as it flies back up with 80% increased ATK/Hp (stacks with itself)

Active white spell 1 rage: belly Flop- Dragon bellyflops automatically killing any towers within flopping range


Flopping range is the entire base*


A season of joke dragons would be so cool

Is that not what Frostwreath and Souldance were?

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And eclipse? :thinking::joy:

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Eh, the mythics are actually better than I originally thought (if they fix Ick) and the riders are actually good, so is Zel.

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But calavore and noctarn :pleading_face:


Meh and Meh

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