Player rank for event point

I think this game should separate player rank buy some levels difference for event global player rank.

It would be nice if lvl 0 to 75 player were competing in one side and lvl 76 to 150 in other, like that until max lvl.

I am only 51 lvl now, wont stand a chance with 500lvl + on gethring points in event. Because he/she made all alone 28.7milion points on event, and my whole team made just 16.4milion.

I just want much competition separated by lvls boarders. Soo this will be much better way to play and compete for points.


In fortification and feeding I would assure you you’ll do bad vs thos high lvls, but in pvp, with the right league… you can compete with those monsters :+1:t4:. And no offense, with lvl 50, youll barely even have enough potions to do multiple attacks without worrying they might run out. I would say lvl close to 100, then you can compete with those high lvls.

Thats why i want them to seperate us by levels. They got billion in attack and defense.

Let see if they make some change in spring season.

Honey, player rank means world ranking, they earned it if they can score above anyone else despite the level difference, thats why you have your “Personal Achievements” and “team rank” end of event prizes, and new one has popped up, “team achievement” is just new fyi and its good to have extra prizes.


Got it, in other hand theres also a team seperations. It’s good to see that one player alone can make outstanding points but all other in the world wont get those extra achivements.

I want them to change it and let us compete for our lvls. Lets see.
Thank you

I made it to the global ranking for the first time last pvp. Think I was 800 or so. Got a whopping 60 sigils and some other stuff. Honestly would be shocked if I ever get back there. I think mostly because a lot of Folks were “done” with the season by then.


Congrats for that, i hope they change it so more people can rich for those prizes.

I guess my point was that the prizes aren’t really worth it and frankly I’ve never considered that prize in my season. You can do quite well in a season without spending.

Would it be nice to have different tiers for these individual prizes, maybe but to do that they would reduce the prizes elsewhere I think.

I will just go back to thinking they are un-achievable.


PG isn’t going to give out any more participation prizes than what exists. They are more interested in encouraging the whales that spend $1,000+ in an event, than giving out more free mythic runes and sigils to smaller spenders.

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This won’t change, it’s a global ranking, therefore every player is in the running.

Get big and strong and then you can try for top 1000. Learn what that takes and try again for top 500.

Keep grinding because I’m 202 and max out points in most events but still haven’t gotten much higher that than top 300.

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Or they are very clever.

I don’t even look at the leaderboards anymore, but I will say that the amount of money required to legitimately put up the points you see from those global leaders is beyond insane. And some of them show up pretty regularly. Maybe they have money to burn (like the Joker). Maybe it’s not hacking–there are other ways to cheat, ways far more difficult to detect than plain old hacking.

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They would not have to do that. In fact, doing that would be counterproductive to making the game accessible to new players. There are two basic ways to make the game more accessible: reduce actual costs (N-1, as an example) and increase available in-game currencies while maintaining costs (deflation/inflation, depending upon perspective).


Yeah, I was just responding to the OP’s thought that the player rank could be split by level. Doing that would increase the ability of the OP and others to get more prizes for same effort (conceivably). I like the N-1 thoughts and hope they get implemented some day

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They hear me out, i am waiting for there final decision.
That way we all be capable of getting prize.

My guess it they will say they will do it when the first part of your name freezes over.


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Those points arent so insane, with high lvls people are capable of doing them. Cheating isnt worth, u r in high risk of banding.

I hope they understand of this need, that way much more player will pay for value pack, to see them self in global ranking list.

There are some very smart people in the world who have little better to do that prove they are smarter than others.

Unfortunately, this is not always a drive that leads to productive behavior.

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I second.


I did get to top 500-1000 in 2 assault events. And yeah, rewarded with few rubies and 50 sigils i think lmao.

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