Player Retention and Bringing New Ones In

Over last year and half there been much anger and frustration with PG over current state of game regarding various issues from fixing bugs vs bringing out new features ect…As most know especially if been playing any length time. No, this is not another let bash PG thread, and in fact, let do give PG credit for the recent positive changes they have had implemented in recent months, along with planned updates to improve Atlas, which to me sound like a good starting point, even though do not have it ourselves for our guild. For me right now, am looking forward to the Economy update, as this one has been long overdue, and was on my list in a post back in 2018. Yet over this time, a new issue has emerged through all this…Player retention and getting new players interested in playing, which has caused major problems in recruiting. We have watched many quit the game, guilds disbanding/merging, which left many abandoned to either quit too, or else joined another guild. Bronze, Silver, and all but Gold 1&2, are dead leagues now, where they used to be quite active. What is being done, or in the works perhaps, to retaining what is left of the player base, and to draw new players in, or even to get those that have quit to come back (do not mean by giving them full dragon tiers either :neutral_face: at least without doing something more special and worthwhile for those that have been been loyal players to this game the whole time)? Anyone have any ideas on how PG can recoup the player base we have lost, and bring new players into the game :thinking:

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You mean 4 years? 5 years really but they tried that first year :joy:

What did I miss?

Again much longer issue… this is far from that new

Yes, there have been many ideas passed around for years. Some have even been implemented by PG such as N-1 model and tower merging/changing. But like most things with PG it has been 5 years of 1 step forward, 2 steps back. Players are sick of it and until PG stops this “too little too late” approach nothing with change.

If they want to make this a long lasting game they would make a quality product, and I have yet to see evidence of this.


Perhaps, you right, lol But think has been more prominent the last year and half :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually I don’t think so. It was worst when Garnet was introduced. Mass exodus then. And that was what? 4 years ago? This game has been consistently mediocre for years, where it could be great.


Where was I then :joy:

True, and can not blame players for getting fed up enough to quit, but would like think, for the sake of the game that they know now that they need to step up to the plate, and really start putting effort into it. As this is their business, and would think would be in best interest to to fix what is broken, listen to what we suggest to make game better for everyone ect…

I read an interesting bit recently from an interview with developers of another mobile game, and they stated that they wanted a game that people would want to play forever. Their plan for this was heavily premised on making things fun (unbelievable, right?) and not crossing the line of asking players to grind to the point of walking away because it wasn’t worth it.

I don’t recall the entire thing, but I laughed because it was so opposite what this game does. I imagine a game where players can progress and have fun most of the time is much better at attracting and retaining new players than one that is mostly chores and where progress to relevance - even if playing insane amounts of time every day - is measured in years and not months, and where the main part of the game (Atlas) isn’t accessible by most (and also mostly isn’t fun lol). But hey, maybe not!


Games should be fun, and not a job. Know there ways to auto stimulate (think this is correct wording :roll_eyes:) those things that would be considered time consuming chores to cut down doing these things at the push of button. Could think of areas in this game where that would be useful.


this guy’s the faq’ing devil.

trying to trap new poor souls.


Bro, most players I know didn’t even play back then, so the idea it has been going down and not good since is wrong. Just because Mike hates this game, doesn’t mean everyone does. You get that right, and for someone that hates this game. I see you in fourms, probably more than you play, just my opinion tho. Games change over time, all good long lasting games, just because you specially don’t like changes doesn’t make them bad.


So you think this game is run well? This game has and always had great potential, and many aspects of this game are great. Being critical of the developer doesn’t negate that.


Pretty well yes, besides bugs here and there, I and most I know enjoy :man_shrugging:.

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I support Mike in saying this game has been on the decline for many many years. I’ve been playing since the before the introduction of Platinum tier. Though I don’t put the blame entirely on PG. The player base can be pretty toxic too


Enjoying doesn’t mean well run. As I said there are many aspects of this game that are great. But after 5 years they still have some of the same bugs they had at launch, balance issues and viability of dragons in respective tiers is still horrible. Repetitive stale events, lack of competition at end game and a lack of motivation for people to play in higher tiers are all serious concerns to me. Those are signs of poor development, not a poor game, which is my main issue here. If the game itself was trash I never would have been sucked in to begin with.


Player base is main issue lol, they all wanna cheat any kinda system implemented to make it better. I could also see those who have played, since before PG owned, think it’s bad, as it was just a game made to draw in attention to be sold. Not a finalized business, I know they have to make money, most don’t. Think everything should be free. Probably socialist.

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Well the combination of whales wanting to be untouchable with some players wanting everything for free does cause issues… This kinda relates to balance again though


What’s the issues with dragons :man_shrugging: , I’m in abysall, all dragons seem fine to me. I don’t think, I would enjoy a game if it was poorly run. Bro why do you even play? Every post I’ve ever seen in forums of yours is negative. We know you hate this game. Why do you play then?

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Balance is always in favor of whales in all games, as it should be they support and keep game going for free players to even play. But free to play think they shouldn’t have advantages this is what I mean of player base is the negative area.

Are we looking at the same dragons? Name one decent lineage abyssal.

Evidence would suggest otherwise.

I play more than you think. And I play because I do still love what is good about this game. My name should be MikeH8sTheWayTHisGameIsGoin but that’s a little too long :joy:. I am critical on forums because I do still care.


Good I’m glad you enjoy something yours post don’t ever reflect this, and the linage dragons aren’t supposed to be the best dragons. We get seasonal dragons at a cheap rate. Breeding dragons do decent in some fields of game. I wouldn’t like it if breeding dragons powered through bases their just breeding dragons. I consider them stepping stones to get to next tier. With some uses, but not to take geared bases.