Player Retention and Bringing New Ones In

They need to increase the fun in the game. I don’t see more automated gameplay as fun. More PVE = less fun. When I started the only substantial PVE component was the Blackblood islands in Gauntlet (and it was the worst event as a result). Capture the Flag and Conquer the World were 100% PVP, and KOTH was only PVE until the islands were conquered the first time - it was essentially 100% PVP. Defense in PVP and wars was an essential component of the game - half the fun. Now defense hardly matters, in the main game at least. For those of us who enjoyed building defensible bases and defending them … well we’ve lost about half the fun we used to have.

Hey you can do now more quests for xp potions :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Hopefully PG will see that majority of us want PVP not PVE Events, and definitely to make them fun :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately their efforts seem to be guided by the idea that more PVE is fun. Maybe because Temple Raid got largely positive reviews.

Dungeons - not fun.
Kingdom Wars made PVE - not fun.
Autopilot - not fun.

My opinion is that the number one priority should be fixing the multitude of bugs in the game. My guild had many members during this last event who lost hours of work due to what Customer Service grudgingly admitted as the Rollback issue. This is a pain for mid- to high level players, but you can imagine how it feels for a level 50 how just worked to get to lvl 55 only to have to app crash and return back to level 50 when it reloads. If that happens a couple of times (it happened 3 times to my alt account), you give up in disgust. And part of that disgust has to do with the fact that Customer Service refuses to do anything to help and only admits the issue even exists when pressed.

Lower level players can also have problems (outside of Atlas) getting good XP because server lag can make it difficult for higher level members of their guild to join their fights. This bug has been reported to PG for years, but Customer Service keeps acting like it is a new problem and tries to blame the player’s Internet, device, ISP, etc. They will blame anyone other than admit that there is a server problem. For a new player, once again, you give up when they keep telling you that the problem is your phone or your router.

And don’t even get me started on the issue of mixing Atlas and non-Atlas guilds in leagues. My non-Atlas guild struggled to go from Gold 1 to Platinum IV only to be told that the rules had changed that month and that we would not get Atlas. We fought our way up to near the top of Platinum 4 before the guild leadership concluded that we were only stressing out our guild members. We decided to shift our focus back to trying to have fun and developing our guild’s members. But it is hard to keep this focus when competing against teams with the extra resources of Atlas that are also loaded with numerous level 400+ players. We have repeatedly suggested ways to address this, but PG keeps turning a deaf ear. And WHY, does PG allow teams in Gold 1 and Gold 2 to have Atlas when there are numerous teams that have fought their way up to Platinum but are denied access? Yes, individuals in our Guild could change teams, but that is avoiding the question rather than addressing this problem. Lower level players are left with three options, 1) abandon their teammates who taught them how to play the game, 2) stay with their guild and grind for a couple of years, or 3) quit and go find another game. In many, many cases, they are going to choose option 3.

Yeah, this one is a gem. I play two alts together on the same team and use them to xp each other. Same devices, same network. I don’t have problems joining, but I lose a lot of xp runs because the follower finishes the base, but the lead, for some reason sees the follower just hanging after the kill … and ultimately gets a “attacker must have lost connection” message. I know this isn’t true, of course, and even when I provide screenshots and detailed explanations, am basically told it is my network.

Have new one that joined last Event that reported a problem with having no Event icon to get into the Event menus :neutral_face: Told her to let know how that goes…But yess, she was ran through the same old ritual of elimination to resolve it, including last resort of deleting game and reinstalling it. Told her was best to do all these first before contacting, so can get on to the real resolving of any issues, even then may not get anywhere :unamused: She was glad when told after looking in Event, that she was getting points for her builds, but afraid may have got screwed from being unable to claim any prizes she had earned.

Our guild is going through same being a non Atlas guild, so know and understand where you coming from in this regard…Requirement to getting Atlas is now is to have to plow through Platinum to Sapphire, and hold there for few weeks, then contact them about acquiring it :neutral_face: We have suffered losing members over last few years by their leaving for Atlas, yet now most of them sit inactive outside of a guild, now after having realized the high demand that it requires to play it, many do not care for the alliances and politics that come with it either. This is no way to retain players as many will just get burned out and quit, many have already :disappointed:

That is exactly my situation. It used to be a great way to get XP for both accounts but now it frequently ends up as yet another source of frustration. The older device that I use for my alt account is fortunate that it hasn’t been bounced of the wall a couple of times. And if the idiots who keep insisting that my problem is my “obsolete” device were here, my “obsolete” device would get bounced off of their forehead. :smiley: I started training two freshly hatched lvl 1 dragons today and had to start both of them solo because I couldn’t even join my other account. This is supposed to be a team game, but the bugs and server lag frequently prevents that from happening.

Yess, do agree that the game issues do need to be resolved especially given how this Season has been. But, does that mean we can not discuss possible solutions to problems, or have wait until problems are resolved first :thinking:

As long they keep adding things on what player base based idk, they will never fix the game. Things like autoplay etc no one use anyway. They need to adress the issues first and not add more useless things. Good game=happy players= more willing to spend here and there :man_shrugging:

@Lachrymae Do have to ask now, who is PG actually marketing towards :thinking: Am getting waaayyy too many under aged kids joining my guild, they are not of minimum age to be playing this game :roll_eyes: How am suppose to handle this, report them, simply kick them, or what :thinking::woman_shrugging: Is getting to point is waste of my time recruiting as this seems to be mostly who is joining, can not teach them the game as they will not listen ect :unamused:


Definitely summer + COVID has led to an influx of kids.

I don’t ask age, but some are clearly pretty young based on their conversation.

It is part of the reason I try to maintain G (or at least PG environment) on our lower level team where we are likely to see new players.

Just can’t do anything about LC, unfortunately.

Do not ask age either, unless interviewing a applicant, otherwise they tend to tell me on their own :joy: But we do have rules to follow, and most do not bother to read our Wiki or communicate in TC for that matter, now how suppose to teach them game :thinking: Our core members are getting pissed as their runs are getting messed up, because they jump in middle of them ect :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:

ah, well that’s another matter, if they can’t/don’t communicate.

My favorite questions:

“Are you a boy or a girl?”

“Do you play (some game I forget)?” asked a million times in TC and LC.

Yeah, we trying communicating, but is like talking to ourselves most of the time :roll_eyes: We do not mind kids as long as communicate and follow our way of doing things as it helps teach them the game and progress without interfering with the more experienced members :slightly_smiling_face:


Isn’t 13 and under not allowed at all on WD? Or something like that.

I think that’s the generic age all apps post to absolve themselves of liability - you must attest you are 13 or over. Of course there is no way to check/enforce.

I’m pretty sure PG has punted unauthorized users. Too bad the last thread with a “kid” who ran up Daddy’s card got deleted. That was gold.

We have a few young kids on my micro team. I think a lot of time folks forget that they are talking to an 11 year old.

That maybe the case in some guilds, but as Leader in mine, am mindful of that even if only suspected they are, but not communicating with rest of guild, so can learn game properly ect is a issue with most, unfortunately.