Players deserve a proper explanation for all the recent mess

A good game will turn into a waste when it is destroyed by the management who didn’t manage the game and sales properly.

A goose (WD players) which can lay a golden egg a day will continue to give the farmer (PG) money. But if the farmer decides to kill the goose hoping to get a life time of golden eggs immediately will end up getting nothing but a dead goose. Isn’t this analogy valid for what has been happening recently? The game may be dying if too many players leave and that is like killing the goose.

Is PG going to explain clearly why the following things happen so there wont be an apocalypse such as massive leaving of players who felt unfair and unjust or penalised for being a paying customer?

  1. Event cadence just because based on statistic that many players have saved up rubies for mythic hunter this season and that can affect sales.
  2. Exclusive offer of cheaper packs with better value for elected players.
  3. Adjustment to troop building rate being lower although the buffer to collect troops is more but it doesn’t help to increase troops and this has no incentive for those paying for atlas elite.
  4. Adjustment to troop revival rate and no longer getting 100% revival for defensive
  5. Glitches and bugs for each update without fail.

I understand a company has to make money but there must truly be a balance for paying as well as non paying customers to feel the motivation to play the game. The motivation for paying customer is value for money and the motivation for non paying is time for money.

Items 1 to 5 are benefitting PG at the cost of all paying customers. Why are the paying customers have to pay when we know we are getting lesser value and is it true that as long as some still pay for some reasons that PG will continue to ignore and do what they want to increase revenue? If the company provide good value, I’m sure that may even entice non paying customers to pay and those paying to pay more! Paying customers should not be made to feel milked but more willing to pay to end game or stay relevant because they wanted it and can afford it. Then that will be satisfaction. I’m a paying customer who have paid thousands with my Brother.

Non paying customers expect reasonable fun by making more effort with time to play the game and they should not be penalised so much until they feel the need to spend to stay relevant. If you force them to pay, very likely they will go. End result will be shrinking player base and the whales have no one to farm except themselves.

I hope PG can communicate clearly why they chose to do all those recent decisions. Those politically correct answers cannot fool everyone here. Such as experimenting with the player base with new event cadence in disguise of better profit at the cost of the players. If nobody complains, I doubt there will be 25% reduction of requiremets for prize tiers.

The good things PG has done:

  1. Balancing discount for towers
  2. Balancing discount for egg tokens
    Which in my opinion are good but I find it hard to think of them positively. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think they are more likely wanting to do this so that more players will reach a point of progress that they are likely to spend more according to statistics. But still a valid good point only if they are not screwed by other decisions to take back what the good things they have given with new event cadence. Thankfully the event cadence is going back to normal. So fix item 2 to 5.

Standardisation of packs and make them have better value and available for all. This should be the social experiment you ought to be conducting. Don’t try exclusive offer. If the game is so fun, those who left will come back on their own without those unfair treats to entice them at the expense of current loyal players. Spend enough money on servers and coding to reduce glitches. Unstable game pisses players off. Can’t you get the kind of quality code for your store operation for the game?

I hope I won’t see this game ending before the end of this year.


Meh. Do like the rest of us are doing bro… find something else to do with your time and money :v:


Yeah, I think most likely I won’t be spending and will wait out until PG murders itself with the last struggle to milk the left over players and then wind up and start this process all over with another game. Maybe this model of milking money is very effective until there is no need to look Long term for true customer satisfaction. So if that is the case, we players must learn the lesson not to even bother about playing these online games ever with money.


They won’t do anything. They do not care. I’m just going to ride this out until the game is dead, then move on with my life. Provided of course I don’t get bored and leave before then. Naturally, I won’t be spwnding another dime on this dumpster fire as they just keep stoking it.

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Love this analogy. Count me as another dead goose when this season ends. Right now, PG is starting to amass enough leaving players to count it as a goose genocide. I just hope they realise where they went wrong before the game finally dies. Taking responsibility for their actions is one of the many things I wish they could do.


I keep saying someone is ruining this game on purpose, it is one bad decission after another, disrespectful and inconsiderate to all fine people trying to play this silly game


I think PG is treating us like idiots who cannot live without this game because we are so hooked as we spent and progressed. We are unwilling to give up and they are using this to milk us further by adjusting the value of the game down to their benefits after each update and claimed to be balancing. So they continue to conduct this SOCIAL EXPERIMENT but I think they are hitting the point of no return. Their staff better has some degree in social sciences because everyone has threshold and the community at large is not as stupid as they think we are.

First they think we cannot calculate and they used all sorts of math to benefit themselves and then now all sorts of social experiment in disguise for more profits. They should never use the gamers as beta testing. They have the rights to change whatever they want according to their terms and conditions. We also have every right to not purchase or stop playing.


Many threads posted on the way PG has screwed us repeatedly. I’m just exhausted at this point. The game is no fun anymore. Hasn’t been fun for a long time now.
I play 4 accounts (garnet, emerald, obsidian, and harbinger tiers) I’ve put my time (like 10+ hours a day) and in this game (more than I’ve ever spent on ANY other game) for about 3 years. I bought new ipads to be able to keep playing this “gem” of a game years ago. PG support told me my devices were outdated and that’s why I was crashing after every single event run even tho the game description clearly stated they weren’t. They told me they would forward my concern they were lying about device requirements to the appropriate department 🤦🏼‍♀️. Yet I stayed for my team. That’s the only thing that ever kept me here. I stayed through all the glitches the lies the unbalance. But what reason does anyone have to stay now when it’s just been constant mistreatment of the player base? My main account hit the 300 wall. I can’t do sh!t. Harbinger drags but can’t level events to harbinger. Atlas elite is pretty much required at this point to stay competitive but I stopped buying it because what’s the point. With the new 60% revive I suspect the troops I do have will just be lost and can’t recover from the loss if I wanted to because of elite nerf. I spent tons of early on because I wanted something … to get a drag… to get somewhere, for FUN. However, I can’t even justify spending $20 a month on regular elite anymore. I never bought yearly elite because I never knew when I would just finally get sick of the game. When I’m forced to pay for a game to even try to be relevant it’s gone to far. When grinding 10+ hours a day is meaningless it’s gone to far.
With the money I spent on this game I could have bought all new system games and prolly would have been happier staying on Xbox. Daughter wants a PS4 for Christmas. :thinking: everyone I played with here is on line ap and I’m sure have other platforms we can still hang out togther.


No explanation needed boils down to $ and incompetence.

I don’t see any of these as bad changes, event cadence is iffy, I found it good, but I wont say it was good cause later into higher tiers it might be a pain. All the others weren’t bad.

Starting to think pg has alt acts on the forum with comments like these popping up.

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I have criticize PG several times, nothing wrong with commending them when they do something right.

Yea, for players that don’t spend they get a one time deal, most games do this, get over it. If you want to argue that we don’t really get the value we should be getting for our money, I would agree with that.

PG has a lot of shitty marketing strategy’s. This one is not one of them.

Offers better balance between elite and non elite atlas players.

This should’ve never been 100% to begin with, why should an attacker have a smaller rating while winning the fight while the defender have a higher revive rating while losing the fight? Who ever wins should win in both glory and revival%.

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Im lower level and highly active, for myself the shortened cadence was smooth sailing.
If I were to look at it graphically based upon attack/defense power it was a smoother line week to week. The longer cadence would just be larger jumps each fort/breed.

That being said I can see certainly see how higher levels buildings/incubations bleeding over into the next cycle of that event would be a cause for concern.

I do think the solutions to a lot of these problems are glaringly obvious but never really discussed.

Shorten cadence by 1 week for breeding? cut 7 days off cook times of dragons beyond a certain cook time threshold.
Same for certain buildings on your home island… (storage, incubator etc)

That wouldn’t / shouldn’t affect rewards within an event while leaving peoples clocks at the same level they were before…but… what do i know im just a stupid noob

Fact is PG should not even use the player base as a test. From a customer point of view, you won’t feel anything better if you are being given 100% revival rate and got used to it while being on elite for myself. Then later regeneration rate for farmer nerfed and revival rate going to be lowered. We are getting less value for the same amount being paid. For non paying people of course this will make sense to them because they are not paying. In fact they should increase what non paying to get and not cut what paying is getting.

Everything came from their poor planning. If they said 100% revival is a for a limited period of time to reward WD players and will soon be expired, nobody will complain because it is being treated as a bonus. It is part of the game all the time and now it is slated to be downgraded. Of course everyone will think this is done to make troop count drop and get players to spend more to increase their revenue. In fact what they should do now is to deal with their lousy planning and stick to what ever they have and move on. To increase revenue, provide better offer to entice players. Or they should at least come out with a mechanism for players to increase troops then the player base can accept a troop cut from revival rate.

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That is not a bad idea. However I don’t think balancing was the reason why they nerf it. I assumed that it was due to the fact that a lot of spenders don’t actually play as much, and for as little as 5$ grinders were actually making much more progress in atlas compared to heavy spenders. That is likely the main cause for the nerf.

I buy elite 2 or 3/4 weeks and I still think the nerf was good. Overall.

Is hard to plan this things, and I don’t think when they introduced the 100% revival thinking in changing it later on. Fact is this community needs to learn to accept necessary changes even when they are nerfs.

But like why? Right now I can afford 3-4 Atlas lines without dropping my troop count too low. I think that’s actually good enough for someone who only spends 13 dollars a month on elite (is 6.5 canadian xd).

Without elite last season I did 2 lines, that’s perfectly balanced.

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You made a few good points there undeniably. Well even so it doesn’t make all paying players feel good because this is not the first time this happened. It started Long time ago when sage get nerfed for being too OP at the time of purchase from its season and then later on nerfed with a good explanation that white spell has to be less damaging since it is about bypassing red and blue mage. We are made to suffer the mistake they make and if every time we accept their argument they will keep doing that.

Many have said they felt cheated by getting a dragon that seems powerful and made that decision to get it but later suffer a nerf. They shouldn’t even make it so powerful. Or have they made it intentionally to get the sales and then nerf it so that people will change their mind and get newer divines. This sounds more valid. So after so many of these incidents, it is hard to believe that PG has the interest of player base and merely doing things to manipulate us and continue to profit from the game.

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Yes for dragons is a whole different thing, I’ve said this many times, but PG needs a beta testing server. Is really not hard to make and Idk why they haven’t made it, unless they cant afford it which I doubt, and I’m not talking about a server where only 10 people get to play and state their opinion.

I’m suggesting a server that at least 100 to 1000 (or more if PG can afford it) players get to use by invitation (could be random based on activity level or selective either works). This way before they introduce new dragon or content they could test it there for at least one or two weeks to rule out any bugs or unfair spell sets.


That is why holistically you can see that their CEO is not leading the game in the right direction and focusing on money first. He could be under pressure from ten cents to make up their losses but still they shouldn’t lose focus of their Vision and Mission. The issue that really get many people mad is the free vanguard tiers offer to get some people from coming back. So all-in-all they really prioritise profit so much until we question whether they really care about the game or the players. That is what I want to say. And what I expect them to remedy is to offer better value. Don’t just keep taking things away. Give and take. The betrayal came when they gave discount for building and egg and then tighter event cadence without 25% adjustment to prize until we complained. That is what I meant they think we are stupid enough to just accept it. And that is why we shouldn’t simply just accept anything they do. :joy:


I agree plenty of things they are doing wrong, and I came very close to quitting during the summer. Technically I did quit but just for a month xd.

Mike care to help by alerting the right PG staff to read here? Lol
Point is to let them know we know what they are doing and we are watching.

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