Players you can't hit in Pvp

I’m wondering why when I go to the Big Island and do the player versus player that some of the players it won’t let you attack them. I’m thinking this is a form of cheating as every time I come up against this team none of the players that I’m able to defeat are attackable

Let me guess you’re in Bronze?


Silver, same difference.

Nice I get jerks that won’t answer the question but want to make fun of me.

We aren’t making fun of you.

It is a well known issue that Bronze and Silver league have this problem.

Use the search function.

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Uh oh :eyes:

I cannot answer your question until I know what league you’re in.

As you’re in silver, most likely that team has lots of inactive players. You cannot attack inactive players even if they show on a team roster.

Have some patience and not getting your feathers ruffled over nothing will help you both in game and in life.


They really aren’t poking fun of you. There are a bunch of teams in bronze, silver, and the lower levels of gold with inactive players. The game isn’t booting them from the teams so it’s been a problem during wars and events. Pocket Gems knows about the issue but there hasn’t been a resolution. :woman_shrugging:


It’s weird, since she is in Gold I
It’s something happened with autokick vs inactivity problem.
While it happens a lot in Bronze and Silver, there are a few in Gold as well (even Gold 1).

Yep this has happened to me in Gold 1 too. Serious problem for the Silver and Bronze teams IMO, damn that autokick feature needs to happen better. Awkward wording, sorry, my brain is mush. I’ve been PvP-ing all day :rofl: :t_rex:


Frankly there is no need to kick inactives since it ensures that you can’t be 250’d. If I were sneaky though, I’d stick an inactive alt on my roster and only log onto them in the last minutes of war. But that’s only if I was sneaky. :grin:

Clearly such behavior means that you aren’t following @Tinsir’s lawful good path :laughing:


Who has time to be lawfully good anymore? Especially when the game keeps undergoing change after change?

I did say if I was sneaky but I’m not there yet. :hugs:

Doesn’t matter, we’ve been trolled

Can we close this now?

@Jonesy if you want it to be closed, lets bring in some trolls :roll_eyes:

Just saw a thread because of troll :man_shrugging:.
And its done so fast.

In all fairness, OP joined all of 15 hours ago and likely hasn’t gone through the entire tutorial process yet since they came here to ask about a specific, immediate issue pertaining to the event.

So while awareness of bugs and issues pertaining to league may be relevant and even obvious to folks like us who have been here awhile and are here frequently, a new forum member would have no basis for even knowing the issue was something to search for (even if forum decorum dictates that you search first). A lot of us are guilty of posting in haste w/o searching first.

Also, if the shoe was on the other foot, most of us would take offense at those responses because there was absolutely no contextual information, only pithyness.



I hate to say it, but very few players that are TRULY in Bronze/Silver league (ie just starting the game) could find their way to the forums, much less realize that they even exist. WDs is a LOT for a new player to take in.

And every single one of my responses were justified when he/she revealed that this is an alt account, his/her other account is “much higher level”, thus no need to move to a bigger team in a higher league to learn the ropes.

Just saying.

I’m only suggesting OP’s response was based on tone of previous responses, and in a similar situation you or I might have reacted the same way.

Maybe their higher level main never experienced the issue in higher leagues?