Please add more Player Stats!

Nice to see a good medal count, but just doesn’t cut it. It could mainly be a selfish player. I want to see more player stats. I want to see how much time/work the player has put in to the team or a team. Those war results are nothing. Permanent stats would be better to let officers know how much effort a player puts in to war, boosts they use, how many mvps they have earned, avg time online or better yet, when was the last time they got online. Some may not care, and there may be other stats to add, but I’d like to see some of these things before I invite a player to the team. You know who you are you Hammer hoarders.
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Sounds great, probably tag it with suggestion so PG guys actually take a look :+1:

But yeah more information is always better, i just hope adding more info won’t accidentally break something else :lying_face:


I think it would be great if the bio had A lot more to tell you more about players!

Medal Count & Weekly medal count

Atk Power - Def #

Current Tier - Emerald (just tells the current breeding tier they are in)

Avg time (Daily) 2.7 hours

MVPs earned 41

Flames earned 9,703

Player/Member 21 months

And I think it would be neat to somehow get something about defense in the bio! More detailed bios would be great!

Maybe how many defenses or successful defenses total or weekly idk just something to give an idea on defense!

Idk but I think with a lot more stats like the layout above it would give a better idea on a player

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I’ll go cry in a corner about sitting on def for hours without anyone attacking :joy:


As much as I’d like to be able to better understand my teammates’ activity I’m not sure I want to know how many hours I play :sob::joy:


I hope this isn’t added to the stats haha think it’s been about 3 hours since an attack and here I am near midnight still perched over my phone ready to defend attacks from the team that has been sleeping cozily for the past 3 hours.

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I am for this! Would I be able to see all of my stats? Like on the team page where it gives all teams activity? Or on my personal profile page?

Maybe even add how many times the player has been kicked/auto kicked😂 or at least what team the player was from😁

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Knowing how many hours played weekly would be great. My therapist and I are working on my War Dragons addiction and I’m suppose to document this. My answer has been … every waking moment minus an hour or two per day. :see_no_evil:


Successful war defenses would be an excellent addition. :+1:t3:

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Maybe how many attacks that do on average

A ratio of how much food & wood they gift versus how much they receive. We had a player once that would ask for stuff but would rarely say thanks and rarely send stuff to others. :confused:

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This would be interesting but would also instantly skew in favor of the higher levels in the team whose farms generate more, so that may need to be tied in too.

Also, Atlas transfers would skew in favor of leadership/bankers :see_no_evil:

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I would also love if they put how many teams a member has been on…

Nothing is more annoying then someone who joins only to be accepted into another guild 22 seconds later

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That’s a really good idea. I’m in platinum so have had that happen several times :man_facepalming: Ask for food/wood then bounce lol

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It would be scary to see how much time I spend on here. But yes, more player stats would be awesome!!! I am sure they have all the info saved already. It is just a question of writing code to display it.

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The ratio of resources received and sent can be based on the number of transfers instead of the quantity to make it fair for lower levels.

I’ve ask for some of this information in some of my old posts, but I’m really liking some of the ideas brought up in this post!

The one about recruiting below includes being able to see if someone is a jumper. I think adding some more stats to be visible (like mentioned above) would be helpful for recruiters!

The other post is old and thus locked. It was about providing the player stats to officers and leaders, so we can see how our team is doing, who is good at certain things, etc.

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I think player stats would be great. But as a few have said, I’d be scared to see how much I’ve played :sweat_smile::joy:


This would also be great for events that officers assign targets. I really want to see who is earning 6K points on a team that can’t lose any more flags every round.

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Many games have detailed players stats, from hours okayed to chests opened and so forth. They usually even let them tell a lil something about themselves in their player cards