Please add Rune salvage of rarity type option

please add option to salvage by rarity type, like SALVAGE ALL (select all rare rune/epic/legendary etc), just like in viewing runes.In the screenshot I’ve been tapping and scrolling ,that too hard lag after pressing salvage all button. i ve more than 6k runes (definitely) and in scared to do all. some people will say leave them be but i need rune dust and i got 3m+ from salvaging some. i still have lots of runes . it will be nice addition to have this feature.


Not as extreme as rarity, but any kind of bulk selection for rune (for salvaging purpose) helps


You can select them by swiping over a row, then scroll, then swipe (if you’re luck you can swipe two rows before scrolling again).
Tedious, and takes a long time, but you can select all those old runes. All low ones are totally worthless, and provide almost no rune dust anyway, but in bulk they make a difference.

i think U haven’t read fully, i got 3m+ from salvaging some epic and rare runes,if i do that way it will take hrs and hrs to do every single worthless runes and glypes.

Yes, it takes hours. You do it in chunks. Currently thats the only way and the longer you put it off the longer it will take. Have to treat rune clean up like a daily quest. Go a dust a few hundred/thousand.

no choice left but it would be better if i could just press a button and boom all the rare and epic runes gone in 2 sec

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