Please address in release v4.21

This topic is for listing what we need addressed in next release.

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  1. Seems minor, but confusing some players. If staying with the Barracks method, then get rid of the word “Garrison” everywhere in Atlas. Especially in the troop trained acceptance, it should indicate “Troops transfered to your Barracks.”

  2. During “lockdown” of PvP in Atlas, remove all blocks against Home team when an non-Ally is present.

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  1. enable passages to individual castles instead of passage across the board, you can limit it to two passages, but passage to one team across all team castles is just not logical.
  2. enable us move primarches to mines
  3. enable us to transfer troops back to barracks
  4. for the love of god, revisit tower levels for AI bases. level 35 towers on a max fort on a level 3 land is absurd,

Why? I can’t see any reason for this other than to fix remnants from when we could or to solve a problem that’s more expansive than just mines

Let me preface this by saying that v4.21 is already locked in, and the release cycle is near its end for this version, so these requests can no longer be added in with this upcoming version.

We’re aware of this issue and will do a pass on outdated terminology as UI fixes come through.

Removing Lockdown during Event Shields is somewhere on the horizon as well.

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough at this time about the plan with Safe Passage to speak on how it will change in future updates.
  2. Could you elaborate on why you wish to allow Primarchs to occupy mines again? Is it for PvP?
  3. We’re not planning to allow protecting your Troops by putting them back in your Barracks, the reason being that this might allow for exploiting the action of pulling your Troops out mid-battle to save them from dying. However, we do plan on addressing the issue of being able to move them between Primarchs, and are thinking of solutions for what to do about swapping out Primarchs with different Troop capacities.
  4. This is already being discussed in a different thread.

For the reason that I don’t want to leave a sieger or a fighter at the garrison. Maybe to you it’s no big deal, but I don’t want to attract bees to come to hit the garrison because siegers are parked there and are easier target and gives out better GP for enemy :man_shrugging:

But primarchs don’t pull from garrison anymore? Garrison was replaced by separate castle guards for castle defense and the pocket dimension barracks for troops not on prims

I know that :eyes: I just don’t like seeing my sieger at the garrison, :joy: also now you can’t hit people at mine anymore like we use to :man_shrugging: It goes both way

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I never went glory hunting. More than enough people came to me :no_mouth:
I think movement to mines is not something that is widely agreed upon and should probably have its own topic

Worth mentioning now too that you always get 100% of the Glory if you’re fighting on a castle your team has owned for > 24 hours i.e. not subject to Glory scaling. Low level “bees” are good farmin’.

Put the siegers in the Neutral Zone then, doesn’t make a decent case for camping mines and poachers again.

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