Please Bring Back 5k Drops!

Since it is the year of the player, I think we should get 5k drops-or just higher drop rates of the legendary sigil tier-back in super sigil chests. Thoughts?


I think there’s been the 5k sigils in sigil chests for 2 seasons now, but I’d be careful with what you wish for.

If they adjusted the odds for 5k drops or legendary drops they might have to adjust the price and I don’t think you’d want that. PG is rarely giving anything for free.




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Not usually quoting myself, but this part has often been attested :pensive: we need balance in the game, so if you get more stuff/better odds from something that was considered balanced, cost should offset it and increase too to keep it balanced.

I’m not saying they would increase the prize, but we’ve seen it with Runic chests: they were meh, with obsolete runes and only whales, desperate or inexperienced players bought them (unless they had a relevant chest predictor, maybe). PG then removed some obsolete runes, and increased the price by 50%… :pensive:

That’s why I’m absolutely not interested in increased odds for a 5k sigils drop I’ve probably already passed in the rotation… I don’t want to pay more for “a chance” of jackpot".

Highly depends on who is doing the considering.

Pocket Gems? 🤷

I honestly don’t remember the drop rates between the times that they offered the 5k drops vs not.

Can’t say how they adjusted the tables, whether they kept the same overall average or whether they just bumped up a single legendary drop, or if they adjusted the drops within the legendary portion of the table.

Either way I don’t really care, i’m sure others do if they are looking to get SS chests this season. I just think that SS chests should be abolished (or limited drastically) so that people don’t get 30k sigils in the season from them.

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Please, no. I use them to finish off the one or two rows in a line that I wasn’t able to finish. I mean, yes, I’ll be able to make that up as I level higher and start scoring more regularly, but for now I would hate to miss a mythic by a couple of rows. I just don’t see how sigil chests damage anything. Why does someone buying 30k sigils from the chests affect anyone else?


This is normal

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Apparently, they turned 10% of 1k drop into 5k drop.
And that’s the only difference.

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True I didn’t think about that aspect and definitely agree with you there.

Well if that is the case then there really isn’t any player downside to offering a 5k drop up from the 1k ones.

There may be a financial downside though, if someone hits it lucky then they are basically done and don’t need to use any more rubies, and it may outweigh the number of people who spend MORE to try and get to this point. People usually have an end goal of sigils accumulated, and don’t usually go over very much, especially with new season right around the corner.

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was merely making fun of pg calling the year ‘the year of the players’

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I couldn’t disagree with you more on that. Getting the remainder of your keys which may require up to 30k sigils is the entire point of having the SS chest. Not having them would prevent MOST players from getting a mythic. As long as mythic’s are going to cost 90k sigils and the maximum you can attain from events in a season is 40-50k sigils, then the rest must come from some kind of chest.

Now if you want to talk about making the mythic not cost 90k sigils, I am with you on that part.


Yeah, I am saving my rubies till the end of the season, so I can finish the mythic with th SS-Chests.
Not having them would be horrible and would 100% stop me from getting a mythic every season.

Now, is this really a problem?

What % of players do you think should be obtaining mythics in a season?
And what % of players do you think obtained it this last season (since this one isn’t over)?

FWIW I am OK with not getting one. I think they should be super exclusive (3% of the playerbase maybe?) and something that takes good hard event work each and every event to obtain. I think 48/50 players on my team obtained one last season (or very close to). I indeed think this is too much.

I don’t think it’s a remove supersigil chests and do nothing else move also, for what it’s worth. I think it’s a system of changes that would have to happen to transition folks from the hoarding/spend on SS playstyle to a spending rubies on gold chests to do better in events type of playstyle.

EXAMPLES of a system:

  • I’d rather transition sigil earnings into more event reward tiers throughout the whole progression line. Add them in to bridge some of the larger gaps in the prize tiers, and increase the amount overall the people can earn through this activity
  • I’d like to see them follow through with more sub-league reward divisions like they did with D1/D2. This would bump up sigils for pretty much everyone because they would have to create the incentive to move up in leagues. And with the removal of the SS chests, these team rewards would actually make a difference.
  • I’d also like to see them transition rubies in prizes into actual gold chests (at a better rate, think if they take away 8k rubies from an event, but instead of giving you 20 gold chests which is their equivalent value, what if they gave you 25 or 28 so you effectively got 10-11k rubies that you were “forced” to spend on gold chests). I think this transition to gold chests in prizes focuses more on progress and items to use in game rather than just for 1 mythic dragon in 1 season. It also has a drastic increase on your sigil earning abilities since opening gold chests gives you timers, tokens, and PvP items (or embers) that bump up your sigil earnings in other events. Sure you get less sigils when you strictly compare 1 SS to 1 gold chest, but the bump in # of gold chests, combined with more prize tiers available for spending these resources on all 3 styles of event is going to allow for far more sigils to be earned through activity vs just “saving” rubies for 1 more month or season and putting in zero extra work.

Of course this isn’t all parameterized or modelled, it’s conceptual and something I’ve at least given a bit of thought to. I think PG introducing SS chests (rather than just doing the 2x sigils in gold chests during the last 2 weeks) was one of the dumbest things they have done to date. At least with the 2x sigils in gold chests, the players obtained game resources with their sigils. This game is far too season focused IMO and i’ve been preaching it for a very long time.

Anyways, feel free to disagree, but come back with arguments why you think what you do.


SS chests are most cost effective. And in terms of efforts, it’s not even close. I want to enjoy playing a game, not a second job which I need to be on a schedule (whenever my energy hit 16, my hat hit 16k, my egg mission is up, etc). I do NOT want to farm a base over and over for chest when I can enjoy games or BBQ with friends. I think most player thinks that way.

And everything can be priced. A bronze I price it at 3 cents, a gold at 50. The 2 hours you spent farm 100 chests. Then convert the drops into sigils and mats, you found you can buy them with 3 bucks, or a cup of coffee. It’s an incredibly poor return of my time. And pvp spendings are even worse. The mega coins I call it $15 attack, and you get little in return from that compare to just spend 15 to buy SS chests.

I am not saying I am richest of the world, but with abundance of easy overtime available at my place. I just need to extend my hours by 3 once a month to avoid all that grinding. It’s an obvious choice.

Then perhaps most players shouldn’t be expecting to obtain a mythic :upside_down_face:
Adjust your expectations


Next year will be year of PG lol or was that last year?

The ability of E2P players to save enough free rubies from events to buy up SS chests and get a mythic is pretty much the ONLY mechanism in place right now that is combating pay to win.

Eliminate that, and this game will be 100% pay to win. So yeah, I would say that would be a problem.


Exactly. If you either don’t have the time, or simply don’t want to make the time, to grind then that is fine. But that doesn’t mean you should expect (or feel entitled to) the same rewards as those that do.

And noticed I made no mention of money. Because it is not required to earn a mythic. Other than elite, I (and many on my team) do not spend money. Yet we all can get one mythic without depending on SS chests. You just need to plan. Always go for discount bird at start. Start saving gold chests as early as you can for the next season so you can build a war chest of IF/energy during that first pvp which will cover you for the rest of the season. Get on a team that will hit top team achievement each event. Only build during fort. Only breed during breed. It might take a season to get organized, but once you do, you’ll quickly see how easy it is.

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