Please Bring Black Pearls Back to next Building Event


Please bring black pears back in the reward packs for the next building event.
They were absent during the last two building events.
The Buff on my Rider is reduced to 83.3%, and I must “keep upgrading perch to level 30 to get full buff”


I know they drop in gold chests, and I was happy to see 225 black pearls during a recent opening, but I need 6,600 black pearls to get from level 20 to level 30 to maximise the potential of my Rider.
I’m not sure how many gold chests that would be, but I would need that 225 reward 30 times, so… at 1:20, or a 5% drop ratio, that’s 600 gold chests, but it could be worse.


Please don’t put them in chests. Feel free to add them to the event (as it should be).


i dont like black pearls . The reason is, during 2 fortification events i can upgrade it 2-3 times anyway from normal chestprizes i got. At least 225 are in goldchest as legendary drop. And i guess as 125 epic sometimes too.

More important during a building event is for me, that i can upgrade my weapons higher which are effective for my defending.


No to black pearls in chests. Event prizes are OK


Agree no to black pearls in chest but it is ok to add them to personal prizes


I understand PG does not want to scale rewards to level in Gold Chests but this is just another example of how the players at the “Sapphire Wall” or thereabouts are playing a different game than folks like me. We really need a fourth chest, a variant of the Gold Chest with a different reward set. There could be rewards slated for beginning game players in one chest and rewards for end game players in the other. They could be treated like the packs with an infographic describing possible contents and let folks try their luck at the option they prefer. Black Pearls in one, no Black Pearls in the other for example. I think a solution like this would make a whole lot of people happy.

Apologies for the non sequitor, just wanted to put this out there.

Gold Chests: Drop Limits
Black pearls in points achievements

Perhaps add them to bronze chests to dilute the appearance of the ever so present tower/dragon attack/defense boosts :slight_smile:


I second this. Get rid of the tower boosts. I have 3k of them already. Dont need to have a few hundred more out of 1000 chests I open :smiley:


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