Please Bring Old Avatars Back


So I had An idea (probably not the first) but why doesn’t PG bring the old avatars back in a bonus line like Amarok Knight? You wouldn’t HAVE to get them and it would give people a chance to get them whom didn’t not have the chance or were never shown how to.
Personally, I’ve wanted this for ages.
And yes, I know my grammar is shocking on here aha.

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But the people who have those avatars worked really hard for them.

I am against this.


Why are you making a post about this when you just brought it up on another thread?


Because it’s my first time using this forums thingy. I’m experimenting very and idk how to go back to it. If it’s gonna bring up so much negativity then I’ll just stop :joy::thinking:


Yeah you’re right but they were all pay to win :upside_down_face:


Even if that were true, why would that matter?


Um I am a free to play and if anyone gets the kharnyx avatar which I got by working hard I would freak. Let the past stay in the past for goodness sake


Duuuuude ebon wasn’t even good though though lol. Amen im not here to start argument so it’s just very an idea. I was goodbye to foment here by support to make new freidnds but oh well.


I don’t care if ebon was good or not, it’s a dragon I worked hard on and it’s a symbol that I’ve been here for a long time. I’d like that to stay how it was, this is as touchy as an issue as bringing old divines back


I got ebon too :thinking:
But I got Skarr as well… Hmmm


Ok then just be happy that u have them, and don’t worry about what u didn’t get.


Bring back the dreadnought avatar!


Grumpy pours fuel, drops lit match, runs… :running_man::running_man::running_man:

In all seriousness, leave the past in the past…have fun looking forward instead!!


They were Both useless :joy:


U got them both, up to what stone did u get for each


Gold for skarr and green for Ebon. Was my first season. Spent it in Cinomed in gold league hahahaha


I don’t know how you flew the, but I’d say they were decent dragons they worked just fine and skarr is one of the best warriors in game, anyways we are getting sidetracked, just keep the past in the past and look forward as grumpybigbird stated


Can I just ask is RedRaidingHood the Red who makes all the breeding paths? And she replied to my post? :scream::grin:


@RedRaidingHood your assistance is required here


Is it actually her because I found she’s in Rulith


Yes it’s the one and only Red - and yes she talked to you! Fangirl moment? :wink: