Please Bring Old Avatars Back

Yes it’s the one and only Red - and yes she talked to you! Fangirl moment? :wink:

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If you didn’t expect negativity, your impression of the forums is way off.

I agree with most commenting in the thread. They’re symbols of how long people have been playing and what they’ve invested in the game, and it should stay that way.


Yes It would be wonderful to offer a way to earn the avatars other than just by events. That way you could work towards the pic you want to represent you.

Maaaaaaaaaybe :sweat_smile:

If anything every current member in dread should receive it for hitting 1K war wins. If EQ had their portrait unlocked for all their members why not us? @PGJared @PGEggToken

Like seasonal dragons, their evolution stones, and avatars, these are meant to be limited-time accomplishments. We don’t plan on re-releasing any of these in the near future.

@Grumpybigbird has the right idea:

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You’re going to be quoted… A LOT! :joy:


Probably daily…


I love you…


YOU ARE AWESOME, thank you!

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This is just like the bringing back old divines topic… sigh.

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Thank you. Im gonna visit daily just to re-like your post


Well at least this seasons weren’t so bad like the spring and fall season… Like where’s the imagination?

When do the new avatars show up in our game?

Goodness, They appear when the new season starts, approx Wed Dec 6th depending on your global location. When did you think they might appear? Have you looked around for information yourself?

You want more imagination? Draw some up and submit them to PG rather than complaining about the seasons you didnt like.

“Insert random grumble about entitlement and rudeness” smh

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That’s not a bad idea - have PG run a competition for avatar portraits then use the winners in a separate branch one season. Would let people pick portraits based on the art they liked rather than the dragon.
Yes it would mean spending sigils but it would be nice to see some extra avatars.

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Can we be all a little more kind with a new member of the forum?

but I agree, leave the past in the past!

@ScarletSIVA Skarr was a beast at that time and in the same season… Nightshade… :heart_eyes:

@Rugyt Only 6 teams have their own personal portrait and it was during the great contest!

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Though the “near future” leaves the door open. :frowning:

Isn’t it time this post be closed? :thinking:

@Psarus please do the honors :raised_hands:t3::zap: :lock: