Please change it back for spring

I’m aware it’s been said probably multiple times but with Spring approaching they cannot see it enough! I hope it floods the board & stays fresh in their minds lol…I really hope they consider putting Glyphs back into the Sigil lines. :crossed_fingers:

I would be perfectly happy with just the legendary rune & Mythic glyph! But if they insisted on keeping it the way it is to help lower level players who don’t complete lines they can still just do epic rune, then Legendary rune And Mythic glyph last…

They have been taking out of the Sigil lines & never have any good ones to equip on dragons in event prizes so they basically are saying buy these extremely overpriced runic chests or go without them! That’s crazy to me! They must be back in Sigil lines to give us another option on obtaining them!

I only equip legendary & Mythic Glyphs on my 1-2 most powerful dragons and I just save all other good ones for upcoming dragons I think that will be as good but even then there is still a ridiculous shortage of good or even just ok Glyphs!

Please put Glyphs back in Sigil lines! Anything would be better then nothing! I wouldn’t say a word even if the glyph was 2nd on the line and was only legendary and the rune was the Mythic we just need a way to be able to get them!

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Any word on if they plan to put Glyphs back?
Idk hopefully wrong but if they have got any kind of decent return on runic chests I doubt they will. Probably will just say the 3 runes :tired_face:

They’ll probably share more info in a future stream :slight_smile:. If they do something like what was done for Wintertide, it’ll be pretty useful.

I really want a rune glyph branch again just like we had in the Summer Season. But more rune dust and possibly include runic chests.

I replied directly to a post from one of the PG guys about glyphs in season lines in another thread, and never did get an answer back… guess we’ll see.

I vaguely remember wasn’t it just like a small branch that had an epic rune then like legendary rune maybe glyph too? Then a Mythic one? I thought I remembered there only being like 3-4 runes/Glyphs in the branch with an avatar and small prizes?

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What was done this winter that was useful?

I’d say watch the stream and see. It will be coming soon, and they are usually very informative.

They did an overview of the UI revamp and explained some reasoning; there was quite a bit of info.

Yeah i read that awhile back. Good read! but I’m not sure what that has to do with this?

I see where they say a team to introduce new runes in 2018 and make runes more
Effective but still I’m mainly talking about Glyphs & how hard they are to obtain if you don’t spend a fortune on runic chests.

Yeah, and there’s been various feedback that they’ve been looking at, so if they do another stream like they did in Wintertide, I’d hope for around the same level of detail :tada:

100% agreed for more (possibly ONLY) glyphs.
I hope the uproar during the wintertide season was big enough…

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