Please Change Runes


War Dragon runes needs to change according to the new event dragons. Summer event Dragons have skills that can be boosted by current runes. Fall Dragons have less than 20 runes that can be used. Plus the sliver chest items are pretty much useless unless you saved them up open 10 at a time. Have better change of saving up use in bulk vs. individual opening. Please update runes.


It also depends on what stage of the game you’re in. There aren’t really a lot of runes that affect spells after the green tier. The ones that do work for dragons beyond that (namely rage) are super rare, even when you do open 10 silver chests at a time.


Runes for green are hit and miss A LOT! Still some are available for Green Tier compared to Fall Dragons. Summer Dragons you have more choices vs. Fall. My understanding more “Newer” spells will come out. Redo the old ones so we can have better options.


There are already several post talking about rune change. Please join one of them to add your thoughts instead of creating a brand new thread, that way ideas on the same subject can be found more easily. I would suggest this one by example

But you can find others that suits you better with a simple search with the keyword ‘rune’ if you like. Thank you!


Yes it would be if my phone was working properly. I’ll make sure to wait next time. So I won’t annoy the community.


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