Please check my attack log

The last 3 hours I have been hit in war by the same player. XxFYSxx on RoyalRoad. Sitting there swatting him at 10%-20% over 200 times. His attacks begin to get sketchy in the beginning network wise then sort out mid attack. The final attack myself and all my teammates cannot join and he gets 5 flames with no one able to join. The attack happened 10 minutes froam right now. Please remove this player. Blatant airplane mode here with hours of attempting to do so @CampusLifer

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Campus is working on projects and not able to be active on the forums as I understand it. @PGJared or @Arelyna can hopefully get this sorted for you.

I need a programmer for this issue. Blatant repeated attempts at manipulating network connection then finally figures it out. Does not impact the out come of war. RoyalRoad is garbage team that allies with hackers but without skill it still easy victory. I very much dislike cheating though and want the game fair

I understand lol. I’m sure they can route this to someone with appropriate technical skills. Am hoping they can get a faster response vs waiting for CL who isn’t really active on forums atm.

Ahh I see thank you. Do not post here often but blatant cheating must be publicized.


Shame that a multitude of folks are experiencing lag/server issues during attacks… guess that means everyone is cheating today… or could it be server issues? Yup… couldn’t ever be that, let’s go straight to blatant slander… always works. :+1:

The player would swap out after network would sort itself out over 100 times in a row. Never pass 25% then finally does exploit correct and 5 flames. Then same process was repeated on a second base. Strange 98 other players in this war didn’t have this, or stranger this player says he is practicing this in league chat after he successfully exploits. Did not know the whole player base uses this method of war attacks, seems faster to win without waiting for exploit to work.

Well…your alliance has recently had a good amount of people banned for cheating…

Was defending on this run as well and couldn’t join. The attacker failed 200times. Then went into LC and bragged it was the only way he could take the. Base. I reported it through that mechanism too.


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