Please close and delete

Edit my apologies please delet/lock thread I misread after coming to forums looking for an update after watching another gltichathon.

yeah really annoying…

Its fixed in 4.50 is what she writes. Thats on august 8

I think she’s saying it anything changes after the 4.50 update as in it’s not in as a fix in the 4.50 update. But that’s just my reading of it.


She is saying it will be fixed in 4.50 and she cannot do anything about it before then.


They must change the spell then
It’s ridiculous that we must just watch how all those cheaters(and I can’t call them in another way)using Corth in event
And don’t call it glitch,please!
When ppl been doing double forging,it also was a glitch,accidentally created by PG
But ppl have been banned for this!
Because”they knew,that they doing something shady”
What is the difference now huh?
We are losing points in events and wars and Atlas expansion coming!
How long you guys gonna challenge our patience?

Off topic,but still belongs to this topic
Noticed,that something wrong with storm ss.
I defended more then 20 attacks and in non of them storm shield haven’t been activated fast enough. Haven’t had this issue before…
So even less chances to do anything


Read what she says, and not what you want to hear please. She said it’d be fixed in the major release 4.5 (11 days :tada:) and there’s pretty much nothing she can do until then. You have to be outta your mind to think


My apologies can a mod close this then

Sure, :+1:t2:

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