Please delete this BS


Language: English
Time Zone: eastern
Played time: as much as possible
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: yes
Dragon Roster Includes:
Highest Lineage Dragon:


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Hello! My friend and I just made a team, hoping to move up to Platinum and gain Atlas. We would love to have you, and would even offer and officer position because you have experience. We are an adult team only, and love to joke around. Our name is ValorInception. My friends main account is over level 200, and is one of the top league teams, so he has a lot of experience!! I hope you consider joining us to help us build up! :grin:

Alright awesome :blush: team name is ValorInception

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Yes, I’ve been recruiting all morning. We just started this team last night. I’m going to attempt to find a team who would be interested in merging with us :blush:

Hey if you are interested my team is Warpups. We are a plat 4 team right now moving towards Atlas. We have several people that can back you on runs.

@BiteMyBiscuitpkease contact me in game or LINE. My IGN and LINE ID are the same: ChefJen. I’ve got a home for you. P1/S3 team with Atlas and possible officer spot.

Check out BrightSparkz. Plat3. We are a very close-knit and chatty group (both in game and on Line). We wouldn’t have an officer position for you at this time, as only long-standing members have been made officers.

Hello biscuit,
My name is Afastr Dreki. I am the leader of a plat 4 almost 3 team. I myself am west coast but our team has a wide range of geography. We have players on the east coast mid usa and even a few europeans and an ausie which should give you a few options for members to talk to. We are usually a very chatie team. There is a couple of us that can help with your runs. I do not have an officer spot available at the moment but you would have to prove that you where a true Viking prior to being promoted anyway. Look us up apply if youre interested. Vikingdrags are looking foreword to meeting you

Hello :blush:
As Officer to NeoFairyTail, gold 1 I can say that we would be happy to have you with us. We are reinforcing our team everyday with positive and freindly people. It would be the best you check on us and see yourself do we reach your requirements as I can only promise we have great teammates, we talk all the time for fun or to help on each other. Our teammates are from all over the globe and we are very proud of it and as so, there is allways someone there online and on Line app. As for the Officers position I can possibly make it happen with my Leader :wink: Fly safe!

TitanWarriors is p2 and looking for a few active pexpletive. We’re pretty much exactly like you described! Check us out:)

Burningbreeze has some profiles to replace. We are chatty and run all timezones. We’re strong enough to run with you and have smaller players that need help. We range from 29-290. We have officer spots but they rotate on a weekly basis between 7 people. If you’re interested look us up.


I’d like to chime in a wee bit here with a few points:

  1. Someone declaring that they want an officer spot really isn’t kosher in my books. Officer spots should be reserved for people who have EARNED respect and loyalty within the team, and wanting to be promoted immediately throws a red flag

  2. Teams offering an officer spot, see #1. I’d rather promote an internal hard working reliable member of the team then an outsider regardless of their level, knowledge or strength. Even myself, i would never request to even be an officer on a gold team if i needed a break from D2, it just isn’t cool.

  3. Not sure i want to drag this through the mud but in your other threads you stated that you were leaving this team due to a sickness. And here you are actively looking for other teams, not leaving their team because you are sick and can no longer play the game. Be honest and forthcoming with your team, no matter the situation. The more lies you tell, the more people hate you. If you are honest they may be upset at the start, but at least they will know whats going on.

  4. You may want to skip a few fortification events and let your dragons catch up. I don’t think you are even fully through platinum dragons based on your stats, and at L175 with a base and roster like that i think you should do a LOT of focusing on breeding and not leveling. You won’t be doing your new team any favors at all and will more than likely be a burden when it comes to wars by not being able to attack even your own level players without backup.



FLAG!!! sup

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Ummm …


Its been removed because for some reason I’m not allowed to look for other teams without being harassed

It is best to let things roll off of you like water on a duck. For reals, the game is suppose to be for entertainment … if it is causing you unhappiness, you should go elsewhere. Lots of luck to you Bisc. Cancer is serious stuff. :pensive:

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Thank you sam. I really appreciate your comment. I was just looking for a team. There was no need for all of those comments

Haha magni! :heart_eyes: lmao whaddup!? :kiss:

Point 1!!! Teams considering this, please be careful. This has nothing to do with the OP, but officers have a lot of power and it’s a title that should not be given out lightly.

Point 2 - I would add that if a team is considering making an unknown recruit an officer for the sake of getting that recruit, the team has some structural issues. Again, nothing against the OP.

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