Please do not do the branch seasonal prizes the same

Please, drop with the complete two lines and get a better item design.

Before we had to complete 3 for the better item. Now we miss out on two items not just one.

Can we please go back to the seasonal lines we had before?

I like the new ones


I’d rather just have one of each type released at the start (so we know our options immediately) to unlock the mythic and then other options like decent riders to choose from if you don’t want the mythics. Waiting 6 weeks for new dragons was rubbish


I actually love the new design as well…

People who are getting the mythic don’t need three more dragons to level and blah blah. I think this is a much more streamlined system. Also sit down and take a look at the cost and prize progression of Corth vs Neptus. They will keep adding stones so…


Granted I would LIKE to see all 6 branches at the start, but this is likely never going to happen due to monetization etc.


It pays to have a bit of patience. For the spring season, I took advantage of the discount on Aibrean, got the egg token boost, then Oksana’s first page while she was discounted, and then I simply waited to make my final decisions. I know those sigils burn a hole through your invisible inventory, though :slight_smile:


I like the way it is. There is no way to make a mistake. Some of the older players know what I mean.

I love the look and the progressions on each line, but most players can only complete one line per season and then part of another.

To ask for two complete linas, is beyond most of the players.

It use to be finish three and get the mythic Dragon. Now it is finish two get a mythic, finish another two and get the OP RIDER.

Most players miss out on the rider when in the past they could have gotten it.

I love the new look a lot, just not the strategy to get added characters.

I don’t like how they hide the second rider behind 2 dragons. Give the riders their own line.


Its the same afaik :slight_smile: overall

Same - Not a fan of the rider being gated behind 2 dragons.

Back to the Mythic comparison - so long term, does that mean with each new tier, season lines are going to become more and more expensive? I mean… when do the beginning items in a season line become less expensive?


How could they have gotten mythic rider?
Its 78k and similar to mythic dragon.
Most progression prizes are same, except small tweaks overall.
Or you would rather want just mythic rider instead of mythic dragon? :thinking:

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You mean you want 3 riders in season? :thinking:

If you mean each line, yes they have increased by 3k each. But considering overall picture, Neptus costed 78.2k sigils.
This seasonal mythics costed 78k sigils.

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I don’t want 2 extra dragons to get another rider.


What they wanted was a rider in mythic branch. Neither am I a fan of this but they decided to give more options for whales to spend money on.
I rather think they not have second mythic branch, and since i can’t even get one mythic i could care less about second.
If they gave second rider in normal branch, it would only be similar to other seasonal riders and the trash gear, which would not sell their second rider with money. So they set it up this way.
But they were always gonna release one discounted + one Sorcerer + One Hunter + One Warrior.

But including one hunter as discounted line, they made mythic more approachable for mere mortals by keeping half price hunter as a part of mythic sub branch.


Exactly what I was talking about


It also means that you get 1 less dragon, but to be honest one of those dragons you were forced to get in order to progress to the mythic was typically very useless anyways.

Do you really want to be forced to use sigils on useless rider gear to get to a mythic rider (with shitty gear as well) to finish a branch?

Well, I do think most would say they still had to get a useless warrior to get to the mythic Dragon this season.


For a warrior, he’s on the more viable end though.