Please do not raise egg tokens for the SWOT tier! 🙏

Please, please PG. No more Challenge & Prestige. I can’t get any research done because of the dragon pricing you folks created to bump revenue. We are asking that you not bump up next tier due in 2 weeks pricing wise at all. In fact Mythics should be lower now that the whales are “drained” of excess tokens.

PLEASE consider Exotic dragons in parallel with Mythics if you need more $$$$
Just make a 1 for 1 Exotic that matches each Mythic that costs mega tokens and has a distinctive graphic and attack and has 1 or 2 more levels at the end to bump stats slightly.



From what Ive heard people saying about the summit, they said that these absurd costs are what they want for future tiers. That the whole draining the egg token stockpile was all BS. It instead was about the previous tiers all being too cheap and people making it through them too fast.

If this the goal they’re after then people are just going to get sick of it and quit. Especially when these overpriced dragons arent even comparable to some of the mythics from lower tiers. They all just end up being a really expensive means to evolving divines


I guess this is mostly an upsetting thing for people who have been at endgame for a long while. I’ve sunk about 5m egg tokens in lineage dragons who had no purpose other than to evolve my divines, so it’s not a big shock to keep doing that. Other than Hau and Noc, pretty much every line dragon since orange has been pretty redundant for me.


They could make the Exotic dragons as proposed by others before. Let the Super mega ultra whales get a dragon that is somewhat better than a Mythic with very distinctive graphics so everyone knows that player had plenty of prestige and challenge.

Let us mere peons try and keep up with the treadmill without turning a game into a 40+ hour a week chore along with $1,000 a month in expenses. There are smart ways to continue to squeeze the heck out of the existing spenders without killing the game.

I would hope just about anyone on the planet can understand that jacking up the price of dragons that can’t be used in war or atlas is a dead end that results in no more revenue for PG, eventually.


I’d prefer to see more dragons than increases costs. Add invokers to the lineage and the tier as a whole can cost more tokens whilst traversing the tier costs the same.

I can’t think of a valid reason to increase the costs as nothing has been added to enable the gain of tokens since the last price rise.

That being said I’ll take an increase in the costs if we can have assault every minor event.


I was onboard until this part. Well, DJ and I overlap on 2 out of 3. That’s an improvement. :slight_smile:

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To be honest I think they should release bigger tiers with a slight increase on backbreed while not going berserk on the price.

Basic happy moment in this game is to hatch new dragons, not to dump your eggs on a half one. I’m entering abyssal but if it comes to a time when I hatch a dragon every 2 months I will have to consider a (permanent) uninstall.

Edit: Unless it’s only the divines that matter now ?:man_shrugging:t3:?


too late.


If I can have an extra 70 gold chests a fortnight I can swallow an increase in token costs.


You need to hedge your bets. We are after all talking about PG and don’t know what loot nerfs they have planned if any for Assault in return for say, making the bonus levels easier based on the complaints when it was released.

I’m also being a bit selfish because I wouldn’t want 40 clan members busy with Assault while they ignore Atlas defense banners during minor events. I could see that happening.


so there’s nine that just gave up on it :thinking:

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There are 9 players who prioritize defending Atlas at all costs like it was war and therefore do not need a swift kick in the butt from an officer. :slight_smile:

Minor events during umm, minor events is OK as long as folks are not neglecting their more important Atlas duties. Getting glory, defending players, etc.

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Agreed. If they do this they’re just saying they want to kill the game. Period. Sapphire (and even Diamond) teams are merging to keep up. The game has become too grindy and too expensive.


I was at the Summit. They did not refute the egg token glut line of bull. That was refuted later and it was said the increase was due to sagging revenue.

Make the game affordable and more people will spend. Increase costs and less people will spend. Ever hear of the saying, “we’ll make it up in volume?” 1000 whales won’t carry the company, but 10000 lightweight spenders and whales might.


might wanna add a few more digits there, if they were to carry the company. :roll_eyes:


The numbers I used were to illustrate rough differences in type, not precise estimates that I could not possibly have. :roll_eyes:

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This reminds me of a Calvin and Hobbes comic.

Calvin is trying to sell lemonade in the middle of the winter. Hobbes comes over and asks him how business is going. Calvin replies that he is charging $5 a glass and has made no sales. Hobbes makes a comment of little importance, then Calvin suggests to himself that he should charge $10 a glass so he dosen’t have to sell as much.

To PG: rather than selling us lemonade in the winter for $10 a glass, try selling hot cocoa for $1 a glass.

I don’t see why this has been treated as Chinese algebra for the last forever, this seems pretty basic.

  1. Sell people what they want
  2. Sell it at a price that gets the most sales (hint: $10 a glass will not make the most sales.)


it’s hard to convince dev team to do what players want.

now you’re trying to tell something to their sales team?

damn… good luck with that. :man_facepalming:t2: :man_shrugging:t2:


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