Please don't remove Draconics from Festive next season

While the debate around the limited, then reinstated Draconics was being had, I wasn’t able to participate because I had been banned for being a very naughty boy.

I would, however, like to put forward a case as to why I don’t think the Draconics should be removed from the festive line, or changed next season, even if it may fall on deaf ears.

The Draconic chests, in my opinion, are the best new introduction to the game that I have seen.

The reason for this is that they provide the resources I need to play the game with enjoyment.

I have two small children (currently home schooling :scream:) so the time I’m able to be in game is limited. The resources from the draconic chests allowed me to progress/score/grow in a manner that made the game more fun.

I don’t buy packs, I do buy regular and atlas elite. The removal of the ability to gain these Draconics will not make me spend money, I will simply use the resources I have to get gold chests at the beginning of the season, instead of Draconics at the end of the previous. I will gain more sigils with gold chests but my gameplay experience will be poorer.

For me, Draconics were an amazing quality of life improvement and whilst I’m happy that they were reinstated this season, I’m very disappointed that the ability to gain them is likely to be reduced next season.

I understand that the concern is that people may get a headstart on the following season, but I don’t believe that is an accurate assumption.

I’d also suggest that, if this is the primary concern, why not simply remove sigils from the Draconic chests moving forward?

That way, people can make a decision between resource heavy chests with no sigils, or simply choose to spend their sigils on other seasonal lines and retain their rubies to spend on golds the following season during discounts for the sigils.

I don’t know if I’m alone in feeling this way but wanted to put this out there to get others’ views.


For me draconics have jumped my breeding significantly, this has certainly helped when it comes to the discount weeks this season and next.

I regularly get high in pvp and fort but I can never earn much in breeding. I dont grind for tokens… I am lazy :man_shrugging:. But draconics help me massively to feel I am progressing in the game. I will have to re-evaluate how I will work this with the reduction in draconics this season.


At minimum, the Festive branch should offer enough Draconic chests to evolve that season’s festive dragon to expert. Which would make this season’s branch cost around 56K+ sigils (for verdant Nebby). Those extra Draconic chests give around 7K sigils for the next season (not a huge bump). If folks can’t at least buy that many chests from the line, the branch usage will drop significantly.


PG, please share the Festive branch plan including Draconic chest drop rates by mid-week 2. All which is subject to change :wink:, but at least we be able to start planning for the season.


This makes me think they’ll do away with the shards from Draconics and tie them to the line. I feel no one really looked at how festive shards would work with multiple dragons anyway.


I think that Draconic Chests are a big Bluff…
I spent 50 k Rubies for getting some Hueso Shards.
The Drop Rate was rather Same like the Invoker.
I did not get 1 Shard for Hueso…but a lot for the Invoker I never wanted, or picked.
Shards should be made as the same…so everyone can choose for for what Drag he want to spend it…and not have a useless Drag now…
50 k Rubies less for nothing…and Support can do nothing .
Business like usuell.

That’s far away from fair.

Last Event no Invoker Shards was given…this would be corrected quickly.

So I hope they will do a Change in this…trade the half Shards against Hueso Shards,or give the half of the Rubies back…

We get forced to open chests,they are really expensive…just to get a Drag to our Tier.

Sorry i am German,so English isn’t my mother language…


Agreed. It seems ridiculous that you’re getting shards for a dragon you do not own


Well you do now… You get the egg with the shards, if you didn’t have it yet.


I quite like the draconic chests and must say, I did indeed get shards for both dragons.

My Hueso is Harbinger level now and does nicely in the Temple Raids shrine and did also do well both in Assault and Dungeons, so I am happy to keep him where he is, but I do have collected enough shards to evolve him to Vanguard and I think also Empyrean. Haven´t really checked.

For Nebulon I have enough shards to evolve him to Harbinger, but so far I am not really using him, as I am at odds with Invovers (apart from Sho´Groth) but I do like the graphics and had to have him.

Since he is the current Festive dragon, I would think his shards get priority - I mean we had 3 months to collect Hueso shards before Nebulon was released.

I also noticed a nice boost for egg tokens and timers since I started opening Draconic chests, which allowed me to progress in both fort and breeding events.

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To be honest, for me the items in the Draconics are good enough to make them worth getting just for that. The festive is just a nice bonus.

Still agree that a single shard currency usable for any festive would’ve been a nicer mechanic though.


230 +7 bonus gave me only 5 mythic drops and 3 of them were energy crates.
I still wait for the answer why the drop rate is around 2.1% instead of 5%.
I will never again invest in Draconics so I don’t care.

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The average isn’t. Yours might have been, if you were unlucky enough. Not super complicated really.

Bit of a mixed message there…


If I open 100 bronze chests I have 1 epic drop. Because the drop rate is 1%. No luck, just math and it works.
If I had opened only 150 and get only 5 mythic drops their could be a chance that I’m on a bad position in the sequence but not with more than 200.

And I sent a ticket to support. The team is still investigating. Sorry for not being clear for what answer I wait.

I don’t care for draconics in the festive branch, remove them limit them do whatever.

It’s not super complicated really.

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No, because the rotation is short.

The sequence is a lot longer than 150 unfortunately, it’s close to 900 chests. You can find the sequence for this event in this post by Zami to see how well/poorly the mythic drops are spread out:

Is that a great design? No I don’t think so. But it’s not a bug, just bad luck with positioning.


So DragonAdmirer has been helping in pm to refine the chest sequence data for Breeding. Got a few things clarified. Here is what is in the sequence.


And my quote from the thread…

If you opened 150 and got 5 mythic drops, you would have gotten 20% of the mythic drops. At 150 opens, excluding bonuses, you would only go through 18.2% of the sequence. So I would say that you would actually be a very good place in the sequence.

The fallacy is thinking that if the mythic drop rate is x% you will get 1 every y chests and equal x%. It only averages out to x% over the entire sequence. You can see it in the sequence I posted and it is verified. The Energy Packs ended up at the ends of the sequence, and sigils in the middle with the inner fire. It is just how it got sorted randomly this time. It happens.

As for the actual drops this event, there were several sections with 2 mythics within 20 of each other, and other sections with more than 30 between them. However, overall, they were actually decently spaced out.

If you really want a good drop rate out of the chests, you need to open at least 250 but the closer you get to the sequence of 826 the better your chances of getting a lot more things.

Overall, opening 300 draconic chests this event has netted me a good amount of egg tokens that I would otherwise not have to breed. That and mystic fragments. I can actually breed faster than I could ever hope for before their introduction. It really helps with the high cost of the dragons at N-1->N tier.


With 150 / 5 I would not complain but I opened 230 + 7 bonus.

You got bad luck. There’s one place in the sequence where there are 5 mythic drops in 44 chests, and another with 5 in 70 chests. Because those exist, there automatically also exist stretches with below-average drops. For example, from drop 475 to drop 705 (230 chests) there are only 3 mythics. Then the next 160 chests have another 8.

That’s also why more is really better with chests like draconic. Yes you can have 50 chests and hit the 5 mythic jackpot, but it’s a lot like gambling. You definitely need to be pretty damn unlucky to get this bad an average with 230 chests, but it is still possible on such a long sequence.


Bonus has it’s own sequence, hence why I left them out and didn’t even try to sequence them. 230 Legendary and 36 Mythic in the bonus sequence. The chance of getting a mythic drop of any type in a bonus chest is pretty low.

Draconics are a long sequence, so opening more at once is better for good drops, or you are really just playing the slots. Even my 300 I opened was still a gamble and I knew that going in. (Morreion says it much better though. :rofl:)

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